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Energy Production Using Wind Farming

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Wind farming technology is now considered as a promising method for the production of energy. There are many techniques of energy production. Most of these techniques are suggested as the low cost energy producing ways. But nearly all these methods are involved in the CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions which are harmful for human health. More than 20 billion kilowatt of electricity power is now producing in United States with wind farming. This is considered to be enough for 4.9 million households. Two nuclear power plants or 40 coal fired power plants can also be produced the same amount of energy. However, nuclear and coal fires power plants are considered as insecure due to the safety and emission of green house gases respectively. Therefore, wind farming projects have now preferred for production of energy.

Reliable source of energy production

Wind power is now frequently used for the generation of home electricity. It is assumed that if this power is increased to ten times from the existing amount then it can produce electricity for 50 million homes. This would be enough for the 150 million people.

Energy requirements

Wind power can easily be covered the current overall requirements of energy. However, industry needs much power than the home requirements. Every coal fired production and emission of gases from buses, trains, cars and planes causes to pollute the environment.

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Coal’s Future

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America is having large coal resources but not like as before. In 2007 the National Academy of Sciences reported that the country likely has at least a 100-year supply at today’s consumption levels, but that could not confirm the often quoted assertion that the nation has a 250 year supply of coal.

Coal's Future

Since then, the U.S. Geologic Survey substantially reduced its estimate about the amount of coal, which is economically recoverable in the nation’s most important coal field, the Powder River Basin. Anyhow even if the United States coal reserves remain abundant. There are other factors that may limit the coal use. As there are options to limit carbon dioxide emissions in future, which will very likely reduce the production of the coal, in the absence of the success of carbon capture and confiscation on a large scale.

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Global Warming Prevention

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Global warming can be described as an average increase in the Earth’s temperature, which is ultimately causing changes in world’s climate. These warming effects are heading towards the change in rainfall patterns, rise in sea level and serious repercussions on plants, wildlife and human beings. Basically the scientists relate this alteration with the mal activities of humans. global warming

The effects of global warming and climate change are of a serious concern to both the human life and the environment as well. It is predicted that due this global warming climatic changes can turn to extreme weather events. In order to reduce this concern, many countries have implemented various policies and the rest are in the process of focusing on this. It is imperative on every individual’s part to play his apt role in overcoming these global changes. You can be a part of the solution by adopting some easy ways in fighting against global warming.

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Producing Renewable Energy From Chocolates

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For those chocolate lovers who believed that chocolate was the most perfect substance on Earth, another reason has arrived to love chocolates even more.


Now, cocoa bean shells that are left over after the chocolate has been made are being used as a biofuel. It’s actually happening in New Hampshire, which is also the home of chocolatier Lindt USA .

Recently, Lindt announced a partnership with Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH)  for the burning of cocoa bean shells to produce electricity from one of the three 50MW boilers at PSNH’s Schiller Station power plant in Portsmouth.

10 of the Worst! Clathrate Gun

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Now this one is pretty much as sinister as it sounds in my opinion, but here, let me give you the facts and we’ll see what you make of it? The hypothesis simply put is this; methane Clathrates (methane gas trapped in water / ice) forming on the ocean floor, the release of which would result in seriously accelerated global warming and extinction. Sometimes these methane Clathrates are called methane ice or methane hydrate.


Methane has quite a high density compressed in ice. In other words, 1 liter of methane clathrate can house up to 168 liters of methane gas! What’s worse is that not only is it a greenhouse gas, but it is actually circa 62 times more potent than Co2 (carbon dioxide).

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