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More About Solar Inverters

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Solar inverter is a complex form of solar energy. It can also be referred as a type of electrical inverter. Solar inverter is made to change the direct current (DC) from a photovoltaic array into alternate current (AC). It can be used by home appliances and possibly a utility grid. For all solar power systems, an inverter is required to make electricity usable for consumers.

Solar penel

Solar inverter being an alternative energy system is often very costly for users. Therefore, to save money, people are looking for a smaller capacity inverter that could fulfill their needs. There are ways to get out of this problem. For instance, people should buy the fewer solar cells initially, and then add more with the passage of time.

Types of Inverters

Solar inverters could be classified into three broad categories:

Grid Tie Inverters

Grid tie inverters match phase (waves) with a utility-supplied sine wave or sine curve. For safety reasons, these inverters are designed to shut down automatically upon loss of utility supply.These inverters can not provide back up when a power supply or other service is not available.

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Homemade Solar Battery Charger

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It is simple to create a homemade solar battery charger, just a build a solar panel and connect it with wires to the battery. Toe enhance your battery that its charging work more better you will need to install a blocking diode on your solar panel to prevent it from discharging power at night, also install a charge controller between the panel so that the battery can prevent the over or under charging.

homemade solar battery charger


Building your solar battery charger is not so expensive and complicated. The most difficult step is to get the photovoltaic solar cells, which are needed to build your solar panel. Damaged or rejected solar cells are much less expensive and works almost same like brand new cells. So it will be better for you to get the factory rejected or damaged solar cells.

When you the damaged solar cells then buy all cells of same size so that you will get matching current output; but extras in case some are damaged during shipping or while you are building your solar panels for that buy tabbed cells because it will be easier for you then to assemble them.

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How to build a Solar Controlled Battery Charger?

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The sun is amazing source of energy but that’s up to us that how to convert the sunlight into usable energy. But the process of converting solar won’t have to be complicated. Batteries power many of products, which we use in daily life. The simple way is to hook up solar panels to battery chargers to provide free energy to run your home appliances.

Solar Controlled Battery Charger

How to create a Solar Power Battery Charger?

Here are simple steps for creating a solar battery charger:

Step 1

Buy a solar panel, which almost match the amps and voltage output that the cigarette-lighter adapter is rated for. On cigarette-lighter adapter you can see the printed information.

Step 2

Cigarette-lighter adapter will be plugged into the battery charger and put the rechargeable batteries you want to charge in the charger.

Step 3

One alligator clip will be connected from the first set to the exposed metal tip end of the cigarette-lighter adapter that inserts into the cigarette lighter. Then connect a clip from the second set of alligator clips to the exposed metal on the side of the adapter.

Step 4

Opposite ends of the alligator clip sets are connected to the positive/negative connections on the back of the solar panel.

Step 5

Now you can place the solar panel outside so that it can collect the energy and batteries starts charging.

How to Build a Solar AAA Battery Charger

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Solar cells or photovoltaic semiconductors are the most easy and cheap way to charge small batteries. Making a solar battery charger is inexpensive and provides savings in the future from the cost of new batteries.

Solar AAA Battery Charger

Here are some simple steps for building a solar charger:

Step 1

For charging a AAA battery it’s necessary that solar panel must generate more than 1.5 volts in direct sunlight. Smaller solar panels can not do this on their own, for they should be soldered in a series to boost the output voltage. For connecting them in series wire the positive lead of the first panel to the negative lead of the second panel. Continue this procedure until the output voltage gets higher enough.

Step 2

Last positive lead must be connected one side of the diode and other side will be wired to the positive terminal of the battery. The small plastic battery holder makes it easy to change the batteries out once charged. Remaining positive and negative leads will be solder to the terminals on the holder. When it will be completed then the circuit will be having chained solar panels to the battery holder, if more than one panel is required.

Step 3

Build the entire solar array on the wood board to give it a solid surface. For fixing each panel on the wood apply a small amount of glue at back of each panel and while affixing them on wood don’t press them hard because solar panels are glass.

Step 4

On final step place the battery in the holder and put the entire apparatus into direct sunlight. One battery charging time will be proportional to the output voltage. For instance is solar panel array puts out 3 volts, then the battery may charge to 95% in eight hours and if out is doubled then it might take only 3 to 4 hours.

Tips and Precautions

While using electricity and soldering wear proper protection equipment and you must be having proper ventilation while soldering.

Never try to connect solar panels in “parallel”, or positive-to-positive.


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