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Passive Solar Heating: Indirect Gain

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Sun is the source of energy for our entire planet. It not only provides us the light during the day, it is also useful in regulating the temperature of our planet. The light rays of sun also heat the environment and thereby they promote life on our planet. The new advancements in field of science and technology have developed ways and means to cap the potential of the sun rays. These solar rays are used by the photovoltaic cells for production of electric current. These energy rays are also being used to heat different appliances using the passive heating concept.

Indirect Gain

Indirect gain is a means to achieving indirect or passive solar heating. This technique involves transfer of heat energy though the principle of convection. The heat energy is transported from one medium to the other without the use of the hydraulics of pumps. The heat energy is collected in one part of the building and is transferred to the other by the principles of heat exchange. Nowadays different means of using indirect gain are being incorporated in the building structures to heat by passive solar heating.

Few of the means of achieving indirect gain in buildings are as below:-

Use Of Roof Ponds

In this technique, a set of collapsible ponds are filled with water and these are placed on the roofs during the day time.

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8 Signs that Solar Power will Change the World

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The solar power is increasingly becoming economically feasible as the new mode of power generation, the solar power is eco friendly and very economical as compared to the other methods of power generation. Investment has started making its way to the solar power generation projects and the technology is continuously evolving, becoming more and more efficient. It looks as if it shall become the major source of power generation in a short time.

Solar Power Generation Prices are getting Competitive

The factor that till a few years back kept solar power from overtaking the power generation as a major production source was it being expensive. When compared with the coal generated power, the coal generated power was a remarkable 90% cheaper than the solar power generation. Now the changed and recession hit economy of the world has played a major role in bringing down the prices of solar panel from 10%—30% in the last six months. Contributed to this lowered price is also the investment that is making its way in this power generation means, an example being the 3 times lowered prices since May, of the Sharp solar panel from a $5/watt last year to $4/watt. Many of the projects which previously could not be considered would now become feasible because of this price decrease. Read the full story

Selecting Solar Panel Design

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The concept of alternative energy sources is not bizarre these days. You will find a large number of farms with wind turbines. Similarly solar panels are also quite noticeable on house and office buildings. The number of solar panels is increasing on yearly basis.

Suitability of Solar Power

Solar power is truly apt to utilize for house, because it works very effectively on large as well as small scale. You do have an option to make a choice for solar panel design or kit that will fulfill your entire power requirements; if not the entire, then at least it will provide you a great deal of cash saving. At the present, customers can choose from an extensive range of merchandise.

Legitimacy of the Product

You may have gone through numerous websites offering solar panels kits of sale, if you are fascinated by solar power. Prior to giving your credit card information, it is mandatory to validate the legitimacy of the product. It is very unfortunate that there is plethora of cheaters on net and the innocent individuals get deceived by them.

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Why Is Solar Energy Important?

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Solar energy is extremely important for us to survive. Besides helping us to stay warm, and enabling other organisms to survive, it is used in the commercial power production as well.

solar energ

Solar energy is also essential for plant life as it is necessary for photosynthesis, the process through which plants generate energy and process nutrients for their growth by converting solar light for their own use by utilizing chloroplasts within their leaves and bodies.

Through this process, food is produced for other herbivores together with oxygen for us to breath and removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, allowing creatures such as ourselves to survive while maintaining a balanced world temperature.

Glitter-Sized Solar Cells For Electricity-Producing Clothes

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The Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM is working towards developing microscopic solar cells, that have the potential to utilize solar power in a unique way.

glitter sized cells

The minute cells are one-tenth the thickness of traditional solar cells and can be attached to flexible backings, which can be mounted onto any odd-shaped object such as buildings, clothing, or even camping tents, thus using solar power wherever the sun shines.

The tiny cells, which are being described as “glitter-sized,” have been made from crystalline silicon. It is expected that they will eventually be cheaper to make and more efficient than the currently used photovoltaic collectors. Moreover, using the present manufacturing facilities, these cells can be made using far less silicon than traditional solar cells, producing with less waste.

Even thinner than the human hair, the chips have the capability to perform with the same efficiency as conventional cells, that are ten times thicker.

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New Buildings In Europe Must Include Renewable Energy

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According to a deal reached between the European Parliament and its Council, it is required that the energy performance of buildings constructed after 2020 must improve and rely “to a large extent” on renewable energy.

better building

Under the new rules, the Member States must ensure that all the newly constructed buildings must have a very high-energy performance. The energy requirements of the buildings should be fulfilled to a great extent from renewable sources, whether the energy is produced on-site or somewhere nearby.

The public sector is required to set an example by owning or renting such buildings by the end of 2018 and thus promoting the conversion of existing buildings into the required standard.

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