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Solar Desiccant System – New Addition to the Cooling Systems

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Solar desiccant system works on the solar energy this system is a thermally activated cooling system; it absorbs the solar heat for separation and evaporation of the refrigerant fluid. The desiccant system uses solar-heated air to reproduce desiccants that helps in driving off the warm water in air. The cooled air produced is through different evaporative stages and then finally transferred to different parts of the home.

Solar desiccant an expensive system

Solar desiccant an expensive system

It is not necessary that desiccant system will cool and remove the humidity from the air. Use of the desiccant systems is not very common. The main reason of less use of these systems is that they are more expensive and they work in combination of the heat-driven and natural gas cooling systems.


Solar cooling system operating on the desiccant system can work better in low temperature place than the solar absorption systems. Solar desiccant systems work on the solar thermal energy that is obtained from the rooftop solar collectors. Read the full story

Improvement in the Mileage and Operating Power

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Every driver wants more engine power of the vehicle on hilly track or on a highway where speedy traveling is required. You want more horsepower but you have ever thought about fuel economy? Due to rapid increase in the fuel over past few years, most of the people have become conscious about the coast of filling up fuel.

Better solution

Better solution

But there is a solution for you, you can make improvement in the performance and fuel mileage. For controlling the operations of the engine there is a central controlling system in almost every vehicle this system may be considered as computer. You can reprogram the memory of this computer with new better software which can operate engine in a better way to get better mileage.

Effect of program installed on vehicle performance

Advancement in every technology has made work easy for people and the information is easily accessible to people. IPods and other digital pads have made entertainment and information available in a new way and betterment has come. Reprogrammable devices installed in the vehicles have widely increased the vehicle performance. Many automotive programmers are working on making better programs, so that these programs can control all the operation of the vehicles.

Easy installing process

Installing these programs on your vehicle system you do not need any specialty, it is simple you will have to the plug cable of the programmer in the connector under the dashboard of the vehicle. Read the full story

A Guide to Domestic Solar and Wind Energy

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Global warming is taking control over the normal climatic conditions of this planet earth day by day.  The duty to save this planet from the potential hazards of global warming lies on its dwellers. Every human being can put their share to cu down on the impact of their lifestyle on the environment.

What You Can Do For Environment?

What You Can Do For Environment

There are many things that you can do to put your efforts to keep the environment clean and reduce the risk of global warming. These things include preferring public transportation over private cars, adoption of vegan diet, cycling and recycling of recyclable products and less consumption of some the available options.

Choosing Solar and Wind Energy

You can choose solar and wind energy for your residential place. This can make a big difference in the reduction of carbon footprint. To adopt solar and wind energy, you can use solar panels and wind turbines in your residential place.

Solar Panels

Solar or photovoltaic panels are specially tailored to capture the solar power energy. Solar panels are crystalline silicon units that absorb sunlight and convert that sunlight into reusable electricity. That electricity is stored in the battery. The batteries are recharged by the solar panels as soon the battery falls below a certain level. Solar panels can be mounted on the freestanding solar array rack or on the rooftop. Read the full story

Setbacks of Ethanol as an Energy Source

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Natural reserves like natural gas, coal, oil etc depleting exponentially and soon a time will come when these natural reserves will bid goodbye to us forever. Currently and since the time when humans become mindful of the wonders of natural resources, these resources are doing great job by fueling our cars and heating homes. Due to fewer deposits of these natural resources, many countries are finding alternate sources for energy production. Not only for the fewer energy resources but also for the betterment of environment, alternative sources of energy are inevitable to be practiced.

Ethanol as Energy Needs Solution

Ethanol as Energy Needs Solution

The debate of what is the best alternate energy source is a never ending debate. Many people have advocated ethanol as an appropriate alternate source of energy. In many countries ethanol has already been adopted as a source of energy for automobile fueling and for other purposes. However, there are some serious setbacks of ethanol as an alternate source of energy. It is important for people be aware of these setbacks.

Understand Ethanol

First, it is very important to understand what ethanol is and how it is produced. I is a corn based fuel that has a potential to be used as energy source for automobiles fueling and trucks. Many studies have shown that ethanol releases toxic substances into the environment through vehicle exhaust. Read the full story

We Share This Earth – A Provoking Thought

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Climate change over the past decade has been one of the most serious issues for people. Global Warming has ignited several causes to save planet Earth. Earth is the home to several species of Plants, Animals, Insects, Birds, Marine life and Human Beings.

Why I Cant Be A Skeptic

Why I Cant Be A Skeptic

We come across the 4 seasons and experience the delights of Mother Nature such as rainfall and snowfall. We live here and it is our responsibility to work towards the betterment of this society. Scientists over a course of decades have come to the conclusion that if we do not take preventative measures to bring a change, the consequences may be dire. Here are the top 10 reasons why climate change cannot be denied by anybody.

Rise to 6 Degree Celsius – Proven Theory

The temperature of Earth may rise to over 1, 2, 3 or 4 degree centigrade over the next 50 years. What will happen if this occurs? Scientists have agreed mutually that if the Earth’s temperature rises by over 1 degree, the melting of Glaciers will continue. Many of the animals like Seal’s, Panda’s and Polar Bears may face extinction. The risk of flooding will greatly increase in the eastern horizons. Agricultural problems will surface. Many species of animals and birds will lose their habitats as well.

We Already See the Signs

Wars will be fought over the right to food and drinking water. Forest fires will become common and many of the worlds most scenic and dense vegetations like Amazon forest will become a victim of deforestation. People will resort to violence and the Earth as we know today may not ever be able to return to its normal climate.

4 Degree Rise is Proved

At 3.5 degrees rise, Earth will experience rash and unpredictable weather conditions. Tornadoes, Sea Storms, Hurricanes and flooding will be common. The snow accumulated over the European Alps, Indies, Asian Mountain Ranges and the North and South Pole will completely be melted. Antarctica will no longer exist. The world will fall in panic. 4 degree centigrade rise is much the same as 3.5 or 3 degrees. Low lying African countries like Egypt will be lost completely to the sea with Bangladesh. New deserts will appear all over the world in places like Spain.

Skeptic May Lose Life

These are some of the effects of a 4 degree temperature rise. Imagine what will happen if it crosses the checkpoint of 5 and 6 degrees? A major chunk of Earth will be uninhabitable for Earthlings. People will resort to Northern Europe as refugee’s. The resources to accommodate these people will slowly vanquish. Methane Gas will rise from the Ocean bed and add to the Greenhouse gases.

Things Need To Be Worked Out

Things Need To Be Worked Out

Weather change is one of the most deadly of issues these days. The reason why I do not doubt the authenticity of this cause is because I experience the effects of climate change myself. As an individual, one cannot neglect the effects of climate change. Read the full story

Best Deals on Solar Power Kits

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The concerns regarding the global warming and the damage sustained by the environment as a result of increased carbon production are on rise. This situation is very detrimental to our eco-system and our environment and of course the ozone layer. The focus is now being shifted to ways of energy production that is environment friendly, cheap and efficient.

Go Green

Solar energy popularity and awareness is on the rise, ample information is now available about it everywhere from internet to magazines and papers. Solar cells and panels are easily available, with the advancement in solar technology, solar panel size has actually reduced and now it does not need a very big space to be installed. If looked after properly the solar panel may have a life that may spread over many years, so it would be one time investments and the profit would be reaped over for many years.

Go Green

You can contribute to the betterment of the environment by making optimum use of the solar energy, help save earth precious and fast depleting resources, controlling pollution and the carbon production. By helping in controlling the environmental damage you will also help yourself save a lot amount in lieu of energy bill and your dependence on the power supplying company will be greatly reduced.

The Solar Panels Available In the Market

A search on the internet shall bring you across a lot of websites that are offering residential energy alternatives, so your dependence on the electric companies may be minimized and the heavy amount that you pay them may be saved.

Read the full story

Some Measures To Improve Environment

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Environment is no more an issue that is a concern of NGO’s only. In fact as the awareness campaigns are becoming successful, whole of the world is trying its best in playing its role for the betterment of environment conditions. People have started realizing that the issue is staring in the eyes and if we would not address it head on, it is not going to give us much time before causing some real havoc.

global Warming

Some of the environmental issues

Catastrophic changes in environment has started showing up. The severe climate waves US and Europe is currently experiencing is a reaction of the deteriorating environment conditions. We are facing global warming, seasons are changing their patterns, forests are fast depleting and the deserts are expanding with each passing day and all of this is because of the havoc our carelessness has shown towards environmental issues.

Read the full story