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Using Solar Rope Lights: A Smart Choice

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An amazing form of lighting up your house is using solar rope lights. When properly set, these look stunningly beautiful. You can illuminate different areas where ample sunlight directly falls. Since these are recharged by sunlight, enough exposure to the sun is highly essential.

How solar rope lights are better than conventional lights?

There is no denying the fact that using sun-powered rope lights is really a sensible option. Because these are set in the form of series or chain, these are large in number. Therefore they require more energy to light up the area around them. These are far better than normal electric lights in various ways such as:

Brighter illumination

Conventional lights are mostly fewer in number, but rope lights have consecutive chain of lights running in it. Therefore, their energy requirement is considerably higher. Illumination they provide is also much higher than single or one-unit fixtures.

Solar rope lights add beauty

Rope lights aesthetically appeal. These can transform an ordinary area into an amazingly lit space. You can have these in corners that have no electricity outlets. These look awesome around windows and doors. Driveway, garden or patio can also be lit with these.

Because of their aesthetic benefit, these are ideal at the time of any wedding, get-together or friends party. In such occasions, these serve dual purpose. They work as functional as well as decorative accessory.

Make surroundings colorful

Solar rope lights are available in various attractive colors such as blue, red, green and white. This adds variety and touch of color to your home. Having colored lighting in any outdoor area looks lovely.

Some facts about solar rope lights

Sun-powered rope lights are made from light emitting diodes (LED) bulbs. These are also used in neon signs. These are high-efficiency and long-lasting. Moreover, these produce higher level of brightness than normal lights.

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Commercial Uses Of Wind Turbines

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Cheap energy is the dream of the modern era. The energy capacity of water is being capped since ages and the use of solar energy is gaining popularity. A new development in this direction is production of energy using wind. The windmills have been in service since long for milling of cereals but their potential for electricity generation is a new dimension. They appear to be a promising and cheap source of energy with no harmful environmental hazards.

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are successfully being used in UK and many parts of the globe in generation of electricity for the people. It is a good opportunity for power users in reducing their energy cost and developing strong infrastructures, which support the wind turbine technology. Wind power is capable of fulfilling one half of our energy needs and it is not a new concept for many industrial users. One example of the potential of wind turbines is the Coemi 55/15 50kW turbine that can generate up to 188,000 kWhs per annum.

Commercial Interest

The sources of alternative energy are a blessing for consumers sick of load shedding and electricity bills. As against the traditional energy sources of oil and gas, the wind energy provides a safe and environment friendly option. Wind power could be utilized to generate innumerable business profits by providing electricity for both domestic as well as the industrial purposes. Assessing the vast potential of the energy capacity of wind, a large number of investors are concentrating on this technology. Wind turbines for commercial users can become an amazing revenue earning opportunity.

Advantages Of Wind turbines

Wind power creates positive impact upon the environment as well as upon the cost of the electricity.

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Benefits of Solar Film

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Some of the most brilliant innovations seem today are a result of the creation of science. Advancements in science have enabled a lot of beneficial creations to come into existence. These creations have proved to be very fruitful in solving the issues which man faces in day to day life. Sunlight is a very important medium which provides Earth with its prime form of energy. However, Sunlight also carries with it some harmful rays which may cause Cancer.

Solar Film – A Protective Shield

Solar Film – A Protective Shield

Apart from Cancer, the rays within Sunlight may be the cause of Eye Cataracts and Rashes on the Skin. These rays are known as the Ultra-Violet Rays. Ultra-Violet Rays belong to the radioactive category of energy which must be filtered before it comes into human contact in any possible form. One of the best and most amazing products which may filter out Ultra-Violet Rays include Solar Films. Solar Films are the ideal option for one to consider.

Shield from Cancer Rays

The Solar film has been developed by experts while finding ways to reduce Ultra-Violet Rays which come into human contact. Such Ultra-Violet Rays are filtered out by the small and minute cells present inside the Solar Film. A Solar Film can be purchased easily from any retailer of Hardware shop or from any certified or renowned brand.

Filtering Harmful Rays

Many countries worldwide are making use of Solar Films as it can seriously cut the level of U-V Rays. These rays are filtered by the path breaking technology used to create Solar Films. Read the full story

Rebates for ENERGY STAR Qualified Refrigerators

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If you are aspiring to purchase a new refrigerator, then LIPA has a good offer for you. LIPA is presenting you money back guarantee on purchasing a normal size refrigerator of your choice from the fridges qualified by the ENERGY STAR. It should be bigger than 7.5 cubit feet.

Energy Star Qualified Refrigerators

ENERGY STAR Qualified Refrigerator

For the majority of homes, the refrigerator is the only one kitchen gadget that consumes the maximum power. You will, however, find a better solution. The new ENERY STAR qualified refrigerators are not less than twenty or even more proficient as compare to the other new traditional models available in the market. These ENERGY STAR qualified fridges are in fact 40 percent more resourceful than the conventional refrigerators in 2001. If you substitute your refrigerator (that you have purchased in 1990) with a new ENERGY STAR qualified model, you will be able to save ample power to provide light to a normal size family for around four months.

Benefits of Energy Star Refrigerators

  • You will find these models in various styles, like bottom, side by side like freezer and top.
  • These are designed with better prevention of conduction.
  • With more exact temperature and melting system.
  • These are with more proficient compressors.

Refrigerator Recycling Program Offered by LIPA

LIPA will give you the amount of US$35 for recycling your used, but functional refrigerator or freezer.

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Getting Residential Solar System in Iowa

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If you complete the questionnaire correctly on the Iowa solar power website, then one of the Iowa solar experts will make a call to you. He will advise you about solar evaluation on free of cost basis and also provide you with the latest details about the discounts and tax credits.



Make a choice of the solar power Solution(s) for your vicinity. Tick all those options that apply:

  • Solar Pool Heater
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Solar Electricity

Try to Provide Accurate Information

If you supply the more correct details, you will be able to get the more exact evaluation. This is particularly right in relation to the sum of your electricity bill on monthly basis. If the information is gathered your electricity company supplier by taking its prices through some other mean, you will then get more accurate consumption of your current usage of power every month.

These details will assist you to determine about the number of solar panels required to supply you the percentage of solar power to fulfill your needs.

Free Solar Appraisal at Iowa

The State of Iowa is renowned of its prospective for wind energy as compare to its aspiration for using solar power. However, the best thing about solar kits is that these can function efficiently almost in any area as long as the weather is sunny as against the wind turbines.

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Getting Residential Solar System in New York

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If you fill out the correct information in the survey on the New York solar power website, then one of the Now York experts on solar energy will surely call you. He will assist you about solar assessment free of charges and also offer you the latest details about the rebates and tax incentives in New York.


New York

Tick an option of the solar power Solution(s) valid for your place. Check all those choices that are relevant to you:

  • Solar Electricity
  • Solar Pool Heater
  • Solar Water Heater

Provide More Precise Details

If you present the right details, you will get hold of more correct assessment. This is especially true for the amount of your power bill every month. If the information is combined with your energy supply company, its rates can be checked via some other mean, and then you will obtain more precise usage of your existing requirements of power for each month.

This information will assist you to decide about the amount of solar panels required to supply you the percentage of solar power to fulfill your requirements.

Free Solar Assessment for New York

New York undoubtedly is one of the highly developed states in the U.S with reference to the utilization of renewable power. In fact for New York inhabitants free of cost solar assessment is available through net.

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Solar Pioneer Program for Homeowners

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Solar panels are the best way to generate electricity for the home use. In America many companies are also promoting the use of solar panels by providing very reasonable loans for the solar energy systems. Government also provides subsidy on the solar panels so that every one can use and install these panels in home and can save more energy.

Solar panels are especially designed according to the use of users and to minimize the energy crises. These solar energy systems are very useful for you and also for the environment and society.

Useful aspects of solar energy

Useful aspects of solar energy

There are many useful aspects of solar energy. Following are some points that show the benefits of solar energy.

  • Solar panels are helpful for the environment, as they do not produce any pollutant in the environment.
  • Solar panels also help to minimize the consumption and usage of fossil fuels, as you do not need to burn natural gas or petrol for the electricity generators.

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Residential Solar Leasing Program

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The solar energy powered residents are the need of the day, with the continuous rising rates of electricity and the rising awareness about the environmental damage. Many people think about switching their residence to the solar energy but do not find it a feasible option in monetary terms and are thus not able to make the switch. Nobody can deny the benefit of reduced energy bill obtained from it but yet they are unable to avail it.

Solar Leasing

Solar Leasing

Keeping in view the fact that people want to switch to solar energy but the only thing keeping them back is the heavy cost of the solar panels and that people can’t afford to pay lump sum for it, solar panel financing has made it way to the market. The solar leasing is now available that is facilitating people to switch their homes to solar energy at easy and facilitating terms of lease payments.

Suntech Solar Panel Leasing Program

Suntech is the world’s largest manufacturer of solar panels; the company has now launched a solar lease program for home solar financing called BriteLease.

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Difference Between Passive Solar and Residential Solar Energy

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The distinction between the passive solar and residential solar energy may be mystifying for large number of individuals. You will find here some more elucidation about the distinctions between these two systems. First, you will learn about the residential solar energy.

Residential Solar Energy

Residential Solar Energy

Residential solar energy, as it is also evident from the name is the solar energy for house instead of business. The various houses may utilize the option of residential solar energy to diverse levels. They use it as per their liking or requirement. Few of the houses in this regard may only have some outdoor solar lights. The others may use the residential solar energy system for the purpose of heating water only. There may be certain houses that completely depend upon residential solar energy to fulfill their power needs.

Solar Panels and Solar Cells

The solar power is by and large derived from the solar panels that are prepared with the help of solar cells and fluid systems. The Residential solar system is also known as an active solar system. The active solar system entails the perfunctory systems.

Passive Solar Systems

As against the residential solar systems, the passive solar systems are those systems that utilize the innate sunlight for shrinking the use of power. It can also be stated that a passive solar home is incorporated in such a manner to derive the optimum benefit of the sunlight. Passive solar homes are devised on the basis of sustainability techniques.

How Passive Solar Works?

The passive solar technique may comprise of the huge windows to congregate light, fans for the heat allocation, stone floor coverings, and open areas.

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CFL Rebates: ENERGY STAR Qualified Fixtures

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In order to renovate and modernize lights inside your house, fall and winter Seasons are ideal epoch. In this regard, you will be pleased to know that Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) is bestowing you a price cut on the ENERGY STAR ® component of compact fluorescent light (CFL) gear for your house.

Energy Star Use Less Energy

ENERGY STAR Qualified Fixtures

In this regard, you should also keep in mind that the ENERGY STAR component of compact fluorescent light equipment makes use of not less than seventy five percent energy and it is ten times more durable than the luminescent lights. Hence, it will surely save a great deal of money for you.

Salient Features of Energy Savings

Your energy savings can be more striking keeping in view these points:

  • If you would like to have a ceiling fan, then make installation of an ENERGY STAR qualified mixture of ceiling fan and light. They are more than fifty percent cheaper in comparison to the ordinary light and fan available in the market. Hence, it will also make you a saving of the amount of over US$15 in twelve months on your power bill.
  • The yearly expense of a luminescent 4-light useless gear would be US$52.03. On the other hand yearly cost of an ENERGY STAR component of compact fluorescent light model is US$11.27.

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Solar Lease vs. Solar PPA

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Two of the major options for purchasing the solar power are PPA and lease plan. Each have its own benefits and demerits. Quite a few terms and conditions are the same. Below is an overview of the two schemes.

Down Payment and Upfront Costs

Solar  Lease

PPA stands for power purchase agreement.  Power purchase agreement offers a very low upfront cost.

On the other hand the lease plan asks for zero down payments.


The agreement varies from 15 to 18 years. During this period you can transfer it to a new owner or home but of course you can never terminate it. In a lease plan the agreement is for 15 years or more. This is also transferable to a new owner or home, so pretty similar to PPA here.

Tariff Plan

The tariff plan of PPA includes a fixed rate which occurs as a direct result of the use of solar panels. These rates generally are higher for peak usage hours and flat for the rest of the day. Therefore you don’t have to pay for fluctuating oil prices which are characterized by varying electricity tariffs from the grid.

On the other hand in a lease plan you don’t have to pay for any power that your solar panel generates.  Pay the lease and any extra payment which comes due to the use of extra electricity from the company. The lease payment usually increases 3 to 4% every year. However there are some lease plans available in the market, which are flat.

Repair and Maintenance

You don’t need to bother about the repair and maintenance of your solar system. The seller continuously manages your system. In lease plan, it is not necessary that your maintenance and repair requirements are looked after by the company. However this rarely occurs.

No Tax Exemptions or Rebates

In PPA you don’t have any savings of tax exemptions or reimbursement from the state or renewable energy credits. Similar is the case of a lease plan.

Lingering Price

There is an option of buying at a later time or a fixed unit price. Lease plan offers the same scenario.

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