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Finding The Best Solar Power Solution For Electricity Need

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Oil prices are rising skywards these days and all businesses are suffering due to the additional cost of fuel. Besides, public has also started to search for the alternatives of fossil fuel powered electricity for residential purposes. Right now there are two solutions available in this regard, solar power and wind power. Projects of wind power take more money and are less reliable than solar power.

This is the reason due to which customers take more interest in solar powered electricity. If you are one of these people then here are some suggestions to follow while selecting the proper system of solar electricity.

Estimate your energy needs

First of all, you should run a survey in order to understand your exact energy needs. In this regard, you will go in loss if arranged for more or less power than your needs. After this, estimate your future energy needs.

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Using Solar Rope Lights: A Smart Choice

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An amazing form of lighting up your house is using solar rope lights. When properly set, these look stunningly beautiful. You can illuminate different areas where ample sunlight directly falls. Since these are recharged by sunlight, enough exposure to the sun is highly essential.

How solar rope lights are better than conventional lights?

There is no denying the fact that using sun-powered rope lights is really a sensible option. Because these are set in the form of series or chain, these are large in number. Therefore they require more energy to light up the area around them. These are far better than normal electric lights in various ways such as:

Brighter illumination

Conventional lights are mostly fewer in number, but rope lights have consecutive chain of lights running in it. Therefore, their energy requirement is considerably higher. Illumination they provide is also much higher than single or one-unit fixtures.

Solar rope lights add beauty

Rope lights aesthetically appeal. These can transform an ordinary area into an amazingly lit space. You can have these in corners that have no electricity outlets. These look awesome around windows and doors. Driveway, garden or patio can also be lit with these.

Because of their aesthetic benefit, these are ideal at the time of any wedding, get-together or friends party. In such occasions, these serve dual purpose. They work as functional as well as decorative accessory.

Make surroundings colorful

Solar rope lights are available in various attractive colors such as blue, red, green and white. This adds variety and touch of color to your home. Having colored lighting in any outdoor area looks lovely.

Some facts about solar rope lights

Sun-powered rope lights are made from light emitting diodes (LED) bulbs. These are also used in neon signs. These are high-efficiency and long-lasting. Moreover, these produce higher level of brightness than normal lights.

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Solar Powered Mobile Chargers

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Energy is the soul of the modern era. The depletion of our conventional energy sources like oil and gas has troubled the scientific community since long and they are looking for alternative energy resources. This research for alternative and environmentally safe energy sources has lead to development of fuels like ethanol but the biggest, though a bit expensive to start with, revelation is the use of solar energy for powering up our life

Solar Energy

Solar energy is an un-harnessed area with vast potential. The energy reaches the earth in form of light and heat which is used by the life on earth. But the light rays have a capability to produce energy once they are used by the solar cells made up of photoreceptors. These solar cells may be used to power the wrist watch or power an automobile. The principle remains the same and that is to convert light into electricity.

Solar Power Mobile Charger

Solar power mobile charger is used for the purpose of charging from direct sunlight. It powers itself from the sunlight or any light source and in turn supplies this electric current to the battery of the mobile set. These power chargers come in a wide range of capacities and you must choose carefully the correct charger giving the right amount of current in units of amperes and watts to power your mobile phone. Also the compatible accessories like wires with suitable ports for plugging into your battery must be procured.

In Case of Emergency

Mobile phones are an ideal way to communicate from far off distances and they are the means for calling help in an emergency. However, their dependence on battery and limitation of talk time or standby times may cause them to be out of function once you need them the most. Solar power mobile charger can store energy up to hours depends upon the storage and capability of device.

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Getting Residential Solar System in North Carolina

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If you fill out the correct information in the survey on the North Carolina solar energy website, then one of the North Carolina solar professionals will call you. He will guide you about solar evaluation free of cost. He will also supply you the most recent details about the rebates and tax breaks in North Carolina


North Carolina

Check an option of the solar power Solution(s) relevant for your house. Click all those choices that are valid for you:

  • Solar Pool Heater
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Solar Electricity

Supply the Correct Information

If you provide the correct details, you will obtain more precise evaluation. This is specifically right for the sum of your energy bill each month. If the details are combined with your energy Supply Company by obtaining its rates from some alternate source, you will then receive more correct utilization of your current requirements of energy ever month.

This information will guide you to determine about the quantity of solar panels required to supply you the proportion of solar energy to meet your needs.

Free Solar Power Appraisal for North Carolina

North Carolina is really an excellent site to take benefit of utilizing the solar power. With the free of cost solar assessment, you will be able to estimate the prospective for the use of solar power at your home.

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