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Commercial Uses Of Wind Turbines

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Cheap energy is the dream of the modern era. The energy capacity of water is being capped since ages and the use of solar energy is gaining popularity. A new development in this direction is production of energy using wind. The windmills have been in service since long for milling of cereals but their potential for electricity generation is a new dimension. They appear to be a promising and cheap source of energy with no harmful environmental hazards.

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are successfully being used in UK and many parts of the globe in generation of electricity for the people. It is a good opportunity for power users in reducing their energy cost and developing strong infrastructures, which support the wind turbine technology. Wind power is capable of fulfilling one half of our energy needs and it is not a new concept for many industrial users. One example of the potential of wind turbines is the Coemi 55/15 50kW turbine that can generate up to 188,000 kWhs per annum.

Commercial Interest

The sources of alternative energy are a blessing for consumers sick of load shedding and electricity bills. As against the traditional energy sources of oil and gas, the wind energy provides a safe and environment friendly option. Wind power could be utilized to generate innumerable business profits by providing electricity for both domestic as well as the industrial purposes. Assessing the vast potential of the energy capacity of wind, a large number of investors are concentrating on this technology. Wind turbines for commercial users can become an amazing revenue earning opportunity.

Advantages Of Wind turbines

Wind power creates positive impact upon the environment as well as upon the cost of the electricity.

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The Real Problems with Ethanol as Alternative Fuel

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The quest for alternate fuel is the dream of all scientists. Various energy resources are already being capped like the solar and wind energy. Different fractions of petroleum are distilled to yield various fuels. But perhaps the most important breakthrough in this field is the production of a bio-fuel called ethanol. Many of the scientists are calling ethanol the fuel of the future.


Ethanol is the ethyl alcohol produced by the fermentation of sugars etc. This is used in drugs and as a part of alcohol for drinks. The same is also now used as a solvent and above all the fuel for vehicles. Ethanol gained worldwide publicity once an aircraft with this bio-fuel flew across Atlantic. Ethanol is gaining world wide popularity due to its safe nature for environment.

Advantages Of Ethanol

Ethanol is called as the fuel of the future. It is being used to power cars and buses and gives great mileage. It is cheaper as it is produced from the food crops like sugarcane. Furthermore, it’s burning yields minimal emissions of carbon dioxide and no other harmful gases are generated.

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Solar Lights for Gardens: No Need for Wiring

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Solar energy is providing us with an excellent alternative to a number of fuel options. Today there are varieties of products in the market that can be operated through solar energy. Sunlight is very effectively being converted in to electrical energy. Solar lights have changed our life tremendously, and there are infinite number of benefits and uses of solar lights.

Wiring and installation

Wiring and installation

The best thing about solar lights is that they are extremely handy when it comes to installation, as there is no need of wiring in this case. The main features of solar lights include their mobility. They can easily be moved from one place to another. Apart from sunlight, there is no type of additional fuel that is required by the solar lights.

No additional fuel

The solar lights entirely depend upon sunlight for their operation and function that makes them very cost effective. Read the full story

Third Generation Polymer Solar Cells

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Solar energy is one of the most useful and vital forms of energy. It can be easily produced by the harnessing of Sunlight in to potential electricity. Electricity can be then used in various commercial and domestic projects. Solar Energy is an alternative form of energy. It can be quite useful in making benefits for people of all age and regions. Sunlight is received by the Earth in almost all parts. It can be effectively converted through Solar Cells.

Third Generation Solar Cells

Third Generation Solar Cells

Solar Cells are the name given to the device that is responsible for the generation of Solar Energy. Solar Power Panels come equipped with the Solar Cells. These Solar Cells are capable of generating power when the light strikes their surface. However Solar Energy has various other uses as well. The introduction of modern techniques has also changed Solar Energy greatly. A new generation of Solar Cells has been introduced to the market.

Polymer Solar Cells

The latest and perhaps the final type of Solar Cells are the Polymer Solar Cells. These are the latest and most useful innovation to date. Read the full story

Pumping Water with Solar Or Wind Energy

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It may be true that electricity is not the basic necessity of life but its deprivation can cause us difficulties in accessing the basic necessities of life. Where there are no power lines life becomes quite difficult to spend, but now thanks to the sun we can now take benefit of solar energy.

Solar pumps are a clean and very simple alternative to fuel-burning generators and of course windmills. Solar pump has the ability to produce more water as compared to a windmill or generator even in the harsh climate. Solar pumps are basically designed in such a way that they utilize DC power supply from the panels consisting of photovoltaic cells. Solar pumps can also be modified to operate on AC power supply.

Solar Pumps

Solar Pumps

Solar water pumps are designed in such a way that they only use DC electric supply from a panel consisting of photovoltaic cells. They must operate at low power during the low light conditions. They must not be stalled or over heated.

Low pumps utilize low volumetric mechanisms due to which the water is sealed in the cavities and forced upward. Where there is a need for high volumes of water then centrifugal pumps are used.

Surface pumps are mounted on the ground level, whereas submersible pumps are lowered into water. Submersible pumps are quite common in deep water wells.

Pump Controller

Pump controller is also known as the current booster. It is an electronic device utilized by most of the solar pumps. It works like an automatic transmission device.

It helps the pump to start and preventing it stalling in case of weak sunlight.

Solar Tracker

Solar pumps are also fitted with solar trackers. Solar trackers adjust the PV array according to the position of the sun, thereby increasing the energy gain up to 55%.Where there is availability of more peak sun hours then overall cost can be reduced by employing a smaller pump and a smaller power supply.

Tracking is efficient most when the weather is clear and sunny, at the same time it is less effective as the weather turns cloudy and cold.


The most important part is that of storage. Storage depends upon the climate and the usage of water. It may be possible that only three to four days storage may be required. For the sake of simplicity and economy some systems use water storage rather than batteries. A float switch is fitted in the pump which turns the pump off when the water tank is filled, so as to prevent the overflow and wasting of water.

Advantages Of Solar Pumps

Comparison of a solar pump and a windmill is quite meaning less as the solar pumps are quite easy to install and maintain as compared to the windmill and also they are less expensive.

Livestock Watering

Solar pumps are used for watering the livestock. Cattle ranchers enthusiastically use solar pumps. Read the full story

What Are Solar Gable Fans?

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The main focused area of solar gable fans is the top floor ventilation. It contributes to the air flow throughout the entire home during the ventilation process. The solar gable fans are installed on the exterior of the gable end on the top hat portion of the gable exterior wall that extends up above the wall end of the home and onto the end of the supporting device that is holding up the roof. The end of the attic is signified by the gable ends and gable ends are the best place for a fan. Most often gable ends are also installed with the vents to allow air flow through the attic.

Electric Attic Fans vs Solar Fans

Electric Attic Fans vs Solar Fans

In certain cases, electric attic fans are also deployed on gable ends in order to increase the air flow and to ensure better ventilation. However, conventional fans that are wired into the electrical system of the home, increase the utility bills and add tax that electrical system. On the other hand, solar gable fans have proved to be a feasible alternative. These fans offer al the benefits of the electric fans and the best thing about gable fans is that they don’t carry the drawbacks like the conventional electric fans. Most homeowners can choose to deploy the fan without any external help because the installation of fan does not require wiring. Read the full story

Adding Solar Panels to Your Home

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Recently there has been an increase in the number of people who are adopting alternative means of energy to fulfill their energy requirements. The usage of thermal, solar and wind energy is on the rise. Many people rely on alternative means of energy instead of regular means of energy, such as fossil fuel; to fulfill their energy demands. The cheapest of all the alternative energy means, is the solar energy. If you also want cheap energy you can add a solar panel to your home.

Solar Energy Comes for Free

Residentials Solar Panels

Several people prefer solar energy as a mean to alternative mean of energy. The interesting thing is that solar power requires sunlight only. The biggest star of our solar system is also biggest source of energy.

Solar energy is abundantly available to everyone for free. This natural source of energy is ready to fulfill your energy cost without the involvement of any charges.

If you are interested in using solar power to fulfill your energy needs all you need is to add solar panels to your home. Solar panels are devices which tie together the energy produced by the sun. The energy is produced by the heat which is fabricated by the sunlight.

How Solar Panels Work?

The process is quite simple. Sunlight reaches to the solar panel. The panels divert the sunlight rays to a certain point. These rays in term produce heat which is a form of energy. Heat energy is later on converted to other form of energy, such as light or motion.

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How Grid-Tie System Works?

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The solar power panel system capable to pass on electricity produced by it to local network of power distribution company is commonly know as Grid-tie power system. It off-course entails the power company to give you credit for the amount of electricity your power system threw over the network.The solar power panels produce direct current (DC) which has inherited drawback that it cannot be passed on over a long network. Additionally we cannot use it in our home electric devices which run on alternating current (AC).

How Grid-Tie System Works

Therefore essentially we need a converter which converts DC into AC. Another device known as electrical power panel connects the solar power panel to the network. When strength of the current produced by your power system increases it start pumping out the energy over the network and the electricity measuring device starts running reverse.

Elements of a Grid-Tie System

A Solar Power Panel: The essential element of grid-tie system is solar power panel. It produces power in the form of DC. The size of the panel depends on the energy requirements of your home or commercial building.

Inverter: As the solar panel produces power in the from of DC and we need AC to power up or devices and to role over the power to the grid-system of local power distribution company, so we need inverter.

Combiner Box: A combiner box is a device which accumulates the links of all solar power panels in one unit.

DC Breaker Box: The DC breaker box immediately closes down the power system in case of any irregular voltage and saves it from damages and short circuiting.

Grid Disconnect: The grid disconnect system is used to disconnect electricity streaming into the power grid system from your solar power panel. Thus is used to make sure your power system shall remain safe in case of abnormal voltage distributed through the main grid system.

The Cost Structure

Frankly speaking, the cost of the grid-tie solar power system depends on the size and type of the power system you need to install. Once you have decided it you need to make a list of elements. We have already gone through the essential elements required: a solar power panel, an inverter, a GFCI, a grid disconnects, a solar array breaker and a rail system.

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Solar Powered Oven

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Since the conventional means of power supplying depend on relic oils have really become very expensive. The power companies are charging exorbitant prices in terms of electricity bills every month. These sources are also not environment friendly and cause high degree of pollution.

Need to Discover Cheap Energy Sources


In view of the above situation, we should discover alternative renewable energy sources. In renewable energy sources, solar power is the best one. To derive energy from solar power is not only very cheap, but also ecologically friendly. The major expenses that you have to incur are on the installation of solar power plant or solar panels in your home.

In fact the Federal government as well as the state governments offers various incentives and tax rebates for the installation of solar power at your home or office. By utilizing these subsidies, your installation cost will also be reduced to by 30 to 40% of the actual cost without these programs. As the major additional benefit, you also save electricity bill every month. In fact, it is like a bonus.

Solar Equipments

Besides using solar power to meet the electricity needs, you can also make utilization of other solar equipments, such as solar lights, solar water heater, solar inverters, solar power battery charger, solar power calculator, etc.

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Best Deals on Solar Power Kits

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The concerns regarding the global warming and the damage sustained by the environment as a result of increased carbon production are on rise. This situation is very detrimental to our eco-system and our environment and of course the ozone layer. The focus is now being shifted to ways of energy production that is environment friendly, cheap and efficient.

Go Green

Solar energy popularity and awareness is on the rise, ample information is now available about it everywhere from internet to magazines and papers. Solar cells and panels are easily available, with the advancement in solar technology, solar panel size has actually reduced and now it does not need a very big space to be installed. If looked after properly the solar panel may have a life that may spread over many years, so it would be one time investments and the profit would be reaped over for many years.

Go Green

You can contribute to the betterment of the environment by making optimum use of the solar energy, help save earth precious and fast depleting resources, controlling pollution and the carbon production. By helping in controlling the environmental damage you will also help yourself save a lot amount in lieu of energy bill and your dependence on the power supplying company will be greatly reduced.

The Solar Panels Available In the Market

A search on the internet shall bring you across a lot of websites that are offering residential energy alternatives, so your dependence on the electric companies may be minimized and the heavy amount that you pay them may be saved.

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8 Signs that Solar Power will Change the World

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The solar power is increasingly becoming economically feasible as the new mode of power generation, the solar power is eco friendly and very economical as compared to the other methods of power generation. Investment has started making its way to the solar power generation projects and the technology is continuously evolving, becoming more and more efficient. It looks as if it shall become the major source of power generation in a short time.

Solar Power Generation Prices are getting Competitive

The factor that till a few years back kept solar power from overtaking the power generation as a major production source was it being expensive. When compared with the coal generated power, the coal generated power was a remarkable 90% cheaper than the solar power generation. Now the changed and recession hit economy of the world has played a major role in bringing down the prices of solar panel from 10%—30% in the last six months. Contributed to this lowered price is also the investment that is making its way in this power generation means, an example being the 3 times lowered prices since May, of the Sharp solar panel from a $5/watt last year to $4/watt. Many of the projects which previously could not be considered would now become feasible because of this price decrease. Read the full story