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Types Of Batteries

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Alternative sources of energy are very vital. The importance of alternate or backup power is realized when one is faced with the power outage. Batteries are considered to be the perfect backup plan for the domestic and commercial users. Many vehicles and other products rely upon the batteries.

These batteries can be connected to many other systems and processes and have truly become the power behind today’s progress.

Types Of Batteries

There is a wide range of batteries available in the market. The manufacturers are producing all kinds of batteries that vary in size as well as the capacity to produce power. A few of the most common batteries in market are discussed below:-

Lead Acid Battery

This battery has proven to be the best for the deep cycle users. The users searching for the renewable energy can get following benefits from this battery:-

  1. Greater life expectancy
  2. Less price per kilowatt hour of storage
  3. Easy and user friendly maintenance
  4. Easy market availability

Marine Battery

This is one of the common types of battery that is used by the people new in the field of renewable energy. It is similar to a car battery but is slightly better than that. However it is not recommended for use as deep cycle battery. Such a battery has higher cranking capacity due to the large number of plates but it has lesser charge and hence not suitable.

The larger the number of plates means that the plates are thinner and hence their charge holding capacity is also decreased. As a result they are not efficient for domestic use.

Golf Cart Battery

This is a better choice when one has to select a vehicle battery. The specially designed battery gives following benefits to the users:-

  1. The plates are much thicker and they have been designed to be always over 50% depth of discharge.
  2. The long life of the battery as a golf cart battery cart battery should last 3 two 5 years in renewable energy application.
  3. A typical golf cart battery comes in a 6 volt 220 amp hour ratings. So one needs two batteries to get 12 volts @ 220 amp hours
  4. It is considered as a liquid cell battery as there is no need to replenish the electrolyte used up in the battery.
  5. The liquid battery needs to be checked once a month to ensure maintenance but it is not applicable to golf cart batteries.

Liquid Cell Batteries

These are the common type of batteries used in cars etc. They are based on the principle of chemical reaction used to produce the current. They require regular maintenance to ensure that the contents and battery is free from the dust and other contaminants. In addition, one has to remain careful while opening the dust caps of the batteries because the dust may fall in the battery and hinder its performance. Also one should use clean hydrometer and funnel.

A few of the drawbacks of the liquid cell batteries are listed below:-

  1. These batteries produce hydrogen gas alongwith a corrosive acid mist when they are being charged or discharged. Therefore they must be installed in a well ventilated and non populated area.
  2. You have to ensure that the area is free from the sources of ignition. Your best choice is to use a sealed box with a ventilation pipe leading to the outside air.
  3. Periodic maintenance is the necessity with liquid cell batteries. You have to check the level of the electrolyte once a month. If you do not check it and the level falls below, the performance of the battery is disturbed.

Advantages Of Wet Cell Battery

The biggest advantage of the wet cell batteries remains their price. They are upto three times cheaper than the dry batteries. In addition, it is easy to charge the wet cell battery as the overcharging is not dangerous.

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Solar System A Growing Source Of Energy

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Global warming, energy crises and greenhouse effects are worldwide concerns. All countries are insistently pursuing other safe alternatives of energy sources. Solar system is on top priority list among other alternative sources of energy. Countries are investing extra money in the field of research for the development of a solar energy system.

Solar system produces 0.1 percent of electricity in U.S.A. It will increase up to 10 percent. It offers competitive cost than other sources of energy.

Competitive Costs

Some factors influence the costs of a solar system. The Size of a system, required energy and a location of installation, set price of a solar system. Average cost of an installed system roughly estimated about $36,000 for a home of 2500 square foot.  This estimated cost is about 4 Kwh at $9 per watt. This estimation is not accurate. It just provides an idea of the cost.

Determine Size Of Solar System

The size of a home does not determine the size and the consumption of a solar system. Just call a representative and ask him to calculate the size of a solar system for your home. He will call your utility power company and get your monthly or daily electric usage in kilowatt hours. This information is also available in the copies of electric bills.

Tax Credits And Rebates

High Costs of Electricity in USA dissatisfy thousands of utility consumers. They enjoyed tax credits and generous discounts. Credits and discounts are available for the installation of solar electric system for household and business venues. The State of California for instance offers 15% tax credit and $4000.00 (per kilowatt) as a cash rebate for the solar electric system.

Photovoltaic panels

New solar system generates free energy from the sun and runs TVs, refrigerators, pumps, computers and many other appliances. Photovoltaic panels produce power directly through sunlight. Photovoltaic panels use semiconductors made up of various components. These panels are first preference of residential solar system.

Solar Thermal Collectors

This is another way of trapping, absorbing and transferring heat from sunlight in the form of warm water or air.  Solar energy system has a long way to go. It moves in a right direction with better incentives.

Configuration Of Solar Electric System

The Solar Photovoltaic Array is a unit that collects the energy from a sun. It is on the top of a roof in a south direction. So it gets maximum exposure to the sun.

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Setbacks of Ethanol as an Energy Source

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Natural reserves like natural gas, coal, oil etc depleting exponentially and soon a time will come when these natural reserves will bid goodbye to us forever. Currently and since the time when humans become mindful of the wonders of natural resources, these resources are doing great job by fueling our cars and heating homes. Due to fewer deposits of these natural resources, many countries are finding alternate sources for energy production. Not only for the fewer energy resources but also for the betterment of environment, alternative sources of energy are inevitable to be practiced.

Ethanol as Energy Needs Solution

Ethanol as Energy Needs Solution

The debate of what is the best alternate energy source is a never ending debate. Many people have advocated ethanol as an appropriate alternate source of energy. In many countries ethanol has already been adopted as a source of energy for automobile fueling and for other purposes. However, there are some serious setbacks of ethanol as an alternate source of energy. It is important for people be aware of these setbacks.

Understand Ethanol

First, it is very important to understand what ethanol is and how it is produced. I is a corn based fuel that has a potential to be used as energy source for automobiles fueling and trucks. Many studies have shown that ethanol releases toxic substances into the environment through vehicle exhaust. Read the full story

Always Buy Cheap Solar Panels

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Many people are using solar energy as their main source of energy. Public awareness about alternative sources of energy is increasing with every passing day. Hence there has been a rise in the sale of solar panels. The people using solar energy not only saving the cost over regular power sources but also they are helping in protecting the environment. Always try to buy cheap solar panels. By doing so you will save money on one hand on the other hand your energy needs will also be satisfied.

The electronic revolution makes people buy products online. It’s nice, you can search one online, but you also have to look at the place where the product is coming from. We will give you some ideas where you can get cheap solar panels.

solar panels

If you are trying to buy solar panels from abroad, the taxes will add up and you might have to pay more than the actual price of the panel. Solar panels are fragile items and can break up easily, if they are not packed properly. If you can’t find any place near you to buy these panels, make sure you receive them intact.

Make an insured delivery of the panels and try to seek a guarantee from the place where you are buying them or the delivery company which is sending you the panels. Therefore the better idea is that if you buy it from any place where you can pick them up yourself, they’ll be a lot much cheaper.

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