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Understanding Liquid-Based Solar Heating System

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Solar energy is a popular alternative source of energy. Around the world, more and more are converting their simple homes into solar energy compatible homes. Great efforts are being done by researchers that are trying hard to find the ways to make solar energy more affordable and competitive.

What is a Liquid-Based Solar Heating System?

Liquid-Based Solar Heating System

Liquid based solar heating is a fairly cheap and simple system to incorporate a certain amount of solar energy into your home to make use of the presence of sun and to stay green.

Types of Solar Thermal Space Heating

There are two main types of solar thermal space hating. These types include active and passive. It is very important to you to fully understand these two different types of solar thermal space heating to determine which will be beneficial for your use.

Passive Liquid Based Space Heating

In this systems liquid usually water is heated by sunlight that is kept in barrels. That sunlight is absorbed by solar plastic or glass. Over a certain period of time, heat that is produced by the sunlight warms the water and then water us distributed to desired applications.

Active Liquid Based Space Heating

This system requires some special equipment to perform the same function that is performed by the passive liquid based space heating system. Read the full story

Facts about Wind Energy

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This huge Earth has untapped resources, and each has it’s own worth and value. Nothing in this world is useless. Similarly, wind is another natural source which is holds great importance. It benefits the mankind in many ways. One of it is that it can be used to generate electricity!

Renewable and Non – renewable Energy

Before talking about wind and its energy, it is important to know the difference between two terms: renewable and non-renewable sources of energy. Renewable sources occur in limited quantity and if their use continues, they will run out, like fossil fuels and uranium. Whereas, non renewable sources of energy can be re used and recycled and provided that they are used wisely, they will never run out, like solar energy.

Wind Energy – Valuable Power

Wind Energy - Valuable Power

So what is this to do with wind? Well, wind energy is a non-renewable source of energy. Wind is an alternative source of energy; however, many people overlook this essential fact. So, it is our duty to make people realize the significance of wind, and that they should never overlook wind power again.

Wind – Infinite Power Supply

Wind, being a renewable source of energy, has a continuous supply, so that it can be used over and over again. It is a form of solar energy and unlike fossil fuel; it does not need to be produced. Thus, wind power provides opportunity to reduce dependence on fossil fuel and at the same time expands the power supply capacity to remote locations where grid expansion is not practical.

The Purpose of Wind Farms

As it is a vital natural resource, many countries are now considering on setting up wind farms. Some, like Germany, Denmark and others, have setup wind farms. But, can they be setup everywhere? They can only be setup where wind speeds are always higher, like on the shoreline, at the top of a hill, and in places free of obstructions.

Wind Energy – Expensive or Cheap?

To be true, it is; expensive at first but later, cheap. Well, the initial cost of setting up a wind farm is high. Read the full story

Getting Residential Solar System in West Virginia

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If you complete the questionnaire correctly on the West Virginia solar power website, then one of the West Virginia solar experts will make a call to you. He will advise you about solar evaluation on free of cost basis and also provide you with the latest details about the discounts and tax credits in West Virginia


West Virginia

Make a choice of the solar power Solution(s) for your vicinity. Tick all those options that apply:

  • Solar Electricity
  • Solar Pool Heater
  • Solar Water Heater

Provide Correct Information

If you provide the more exact information, you will be able to get the more precise assessment. This is specifically true with regard to the amount of your power bill on each month. If the information is joined with the name of your electricity company supplier by acquiring its rates through some other source, you will then obtain more precise consumption of your existing use of power every month.

These details will help you to decide about the number of solar panels needed to supply you the proportion of solar power that fulfills your requirement.

Free of Cost Solar Power Assessment at West Virginia

Renewable energy is becoming widely popular all over the globe. In this regard, solar energy is amongst the most privileged forms of alternative source of energy. The solar power also makes the environment clean; that’s why it is also known as green energy. It requires extremely little repairs. You store the sunlight into batteries and then convert it to solar power with the converter, and transfer it.

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Disadventages of Solar Water Heater

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The use of solar energy as an alternative source of energy is on the rise. Several equipments and house hold items are run on the power generated from the sunlight. These items include solar powered lights, solar inverters, generators, and solar water heaters. Solar heater provides the facility of warm water whenever needed. It is no doubt that solar water heater come with advantages, but there are certain disadvantages of solar water heater as well.

Soaring Prices of Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heater

There are several types of water heaters available in the market. People purchase these heaters according to their affordability and according to their needs. Though the sale of products which run on solar energy is on the rise, but not all the people can afford solar water heater, or require them. There are heaters which use gas or electricity to produce heat. These heaters are cheaper than the solar water heaters.

If a comparison is made between the prices of gas or electric heater to the prices of solar heater, you will see an astonishing difference. A solar water heater can cost you from 800 USD to 32, 00 USD. The cost of solar panel used in the heater makes the price of the solar water heater high.

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Complete Solar Panel Installation Guide

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If you want to help the environment and lower spending on heavy electricity bills the solar panels are the right option for you. The use of solar panels is not only cheaper but also environment-friendly. Here is a complete guide for the installation of solar panels.

1. Fulfilling the Prerequisites

The first and far most thing to do before starting the installation of solar panels is to make sure that you have notified your local electricity provider. This is needed because they might send a technician to help you in the installation process. There are chances that they may also ask you to sell them some of the extra watts which your solar panel is generating.

solar panel installation

The second important thing is to acquire any special permit if you need one. Since every state has a different law and if by law you need any permit for the installation of any alternative source of energy, you should get the permit before you start the work. The regulations might ask for energy source audit, therefore to avoid troubles later on its better to complete the prerequisites in advance.

2. Select Right Tools and Gadgets

For the installation of solar panels you will need solar panels along with a couple of gadgets. Stainless steal leg bolts, three by eight (3/8) inch steel bolts, a stud finder solar panel mount, conduit, pilot drill bit and a drill, laser sight or a role of twine, and metal rails are the tools necessary for the installation of solar panels.

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Solar Panel construction and Installation

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Shifting from one source of energy to another could be the best way to curtail your energy bill per annum. With the passage of time and advancement in technology we have increased number of home electronic devices and machines who add our comfort level. One way to decrease the bill may be to avoid the use of such devices. Perhaps the better way to decrease the bill is to alter the sources of energy and shift to renewable energy sources. It will surprisingly cut down our energy bills and save our hard earned amounts. To build your own solar panel you need to have the approach to a workshop. Solar energy is one of the renewable sources of energy, which will generate electricity free of cost forever.

 Solar energy

When you decide to shift to solar energy you need to work out the quantity of energy that your system should generate.

You may acquire a compact solar power system that will reduce your power bill as much as ten percent or even your power bill may completely be eliminated. However, in practice the pretenders of the solar power system install solar panels to just get hot water, and later they completely shift to the solar power system for their entire domestic needs.

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How Does Geothermal Energy Work

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Geothermal energy is the heat available from the earth. Now this heat can come from two main sources. One, the heat coming from the sun and the other is heat coming from the center of the earth itself.Theoretically speaking the geothermal energy is enough to meet all the energy demands of humans. But this whole heating potential is not extractable.

Geothermal Energy Due to Sun

The top surface of the earth is baked by the sun during the day. The earth conducts this heat underneath the surface. The effect of this is more pronounced during the winters – when the temperatures a few meters underground are 10-15 degrees Celsius.

Geothermal Energy from the Earth’s Core

Geothermal Energy from the Earth’s Core

The other source of geothermal energy is the hot center of our earth. The center of the earth has very high temperature of up to 6000 Celsius. Places which are more prone to volcanic eruption are mostly suitable for extracting geothermal energy. The hot pools and geysers are other apparent forms of geothermal energy at our disposal. The geothermal energy from the center of earth can be extracted by digging for deep pipelines which will require more cost.

Comparison of the Two Sources

The geothermal energy due to absorption of heat from sun rays is more uniform and can be used anywhere. This heat is mostly used to warm up the homes in cold countries.

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Water Power- Hydroelectricity

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As the name suggests hydroelectricity is water power rather it is electricity generated by the flow of water. The power of the flow of water is used in this case to do work and the water can be used again so it is the widely used and cheapest source of renewable energy. Running water has been used to grind corn for hundreds of years. Hydro is Greek word meaning water.

How Hydroelectricity Is Produced

Let’s have a general over view. Firstly a large landscape is used to trap water which is usually a valley or an adjoin area to a river to store a huge quantity of water and as in this stage of storing water the water is possessing gravitational potential energy. This huge storage is usually at some height and on the lower side or foothill side turbines are installed. Water is allowed to flow through pathways from the dam to fall with a pressure on the turbines which in turn will drive the generator.  So in this case we are using water energy to do all the work for us after letting water gain acceleration due to height. The generators transform mechanical energy into electrical energy and electrical energy is then supplied to users by a network of wires and transformers.

We have dams built as such so we can control the flow of water by gates installed to store water upstream as well as downstream. The water used to turn the turbines can be used for agricultural and drinking purposes.

Development Due To Hydro-power

When dams are built to generate electricity, cities develop around the dams and multiply in size as usually royalty is provided to the residents of that area as subsidized or free electric power. Like the city of Las Vegas was built around Colorado River and hoover dam and it has expanded into a huge metropolitan city. Read the full story