How to Make Solar Panels?

Many people will like to learn how to make a solar panel themselves, because this will be much cheaper than buying a whole solar power system. It, in fact, is very easy and you do not really need to have any special qualifications or expertise for it. One can find many different online resources that will tell you how to do so.


Get A Pre-packed Kit

 Home made solar cell


If you have never made a solar panel yourself, then you should buy a pre packed kit. This will contain all what you need to build one i.e. materials, equipment and a step-by-step guide. You can buy such a kit for around $1,000, whereas a branded solar unit would cost around $25,000. Once you have learnt to build one panel, then you can buy the material yourself and make as many as you like.

Build From Scratch


On the other hand if you have the know-how and or/experience of making a solar panel, then you can buy all the material yourself from a hardware store or may buy online. This will cost around $300-400, but before buying anything make sure that you do know to build a panel; there are some websites where you can get step-by-step instructions.

Start Small


You should first make a smaller panel as it will be easier to build. Once you have done so then you can go on to add extra panels or may make a bigger panel. You should have an idea of your energy requirement and, then use the appropriate number of solar cells accordingly.

How To Build One


You will need a soldering rod to join the solar cells with the wires. Then these cells should be fitted in a shallow wooden box, preferably made of plywood. There should be ventilation holes in the box as well as holes for the wires. Once done it should be covered with transparent plastic or glass in order to protect the solar cells from damage.

build solar panel\

Use A Battery Or A Power Grid


If you are producing a small amount of electricity, then a battery will be sufficient to store it, but if a large amount of electricity is being produced, then you need to connect it with a power grid, because you will be producing a lot of extra energy. You also need some type of backup system for the days when there is not enough sunlight and also to be used at night.

Check Your Wiring


In older houses solar energy may not be easily used, because wiring may need to be redone completely. However, some of the newer houses can easily be modified for the use of solar energy and the more recent ones may already be using some form of renewable energy. If not able to use in home, then it can always be used outdoors.


Safe And Cheap


One advantage of solar energy is that it does not produce any waste product. The only initial expense is building/buying/installing a panel. The fuel or source of energy i.e sunlight is absolutely free and will never run out. So if you are interested in renewable energy, then solar energy is the way to go.


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