How to Make a Basic Solar Panel

Often most individuals are intrigued by the fact of how solar panels are built. The factor which makes building solar panels easy is that it does not cost much if you build it yourself. If the solar panel is purchased from the market place, it would cost you few thousand dollars. However, if you take the raw materials and build it yourself, the work would be done in a few hundred dollars. Readymade solar panels may seem attractive and a much easier option, however if you wish to save money then building it yourself would be recommended.

Photovoltaic Solar Panels


Functioning of Solar Panels

If one person questions you regarding how the solar panel functions then the answer to it isn’t much complex. Solar panels operate using the photovoltaic effect. This means that the radiation from the sun provides the energy which causes the electrons placed on the solar cells to react. These electrons then shift from their molecules and this movement creates electricity

Cost of Creating a Solar Panel

Advancements in technology has not only made life easier for us but also made several things much cheaper than they were till about a few years ago. One of these things includes the solar panel.

Till about a decade ago, a person could not think of creating their own solar panel due the high costs attached to it, however, with the help of technology most people are now considering building their own solar panels. This type of energy is not the most effective but definitely is the most affordable within its kind.

Ways of creating a solar panel

As it was mentioned earlier, creating a solar panel is nothing too complex. There are two ways in which a solar panel could be created. Firstly, you can get hold of a kit from the market place which includes everything you need to create a solar panel. This kit would guide you through the process of how the installation needs to be done.

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The second method is that you get hold of a good guide which lists down all the details regarding how solar panel is built. Such guides are useful for those who have previously built a solar panel. In that guide, all the materials and instructions would be listed and you would then have to arrange everything according to your preferences.

For those who wish to use the guide can find all the material required at their local hardware store. However, it would be preferred that you order your solar cells online rather than purchasing them from the store. The solar panel is built in a shallow wooden box which for you would have to cut a box of that particular shape or buy a built one from the market. In this wooden box, the solar cells are wired together which later are used for generating electricity. After the wiring has been done, the cells would have to be mounted and covered with a sheet of plastic or glass. The reason for this is that the protection would allow the cells to last longer and protect them from the changing weather conditions.

How much energy is required?

After the box has been built, you would now have to decide how much energy you really require. This is a very important question because the size of the panel would be based on how much energy you wish to consume. One advantage of building solar panel is that if you have already built one, you can then just easily add additional panels if you require more power. However, an average size panel is adequate enough to provide power to outdoor lighting.

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