How to Install Roof Solar Kits on Roof ?

There has been an increase in the number of people who are using alternative means of energy. The usage of solar energy is on the rise. Solar energy is cheaper and good for the environment; unlike the usually available electricity provided by the power companies. The main components of a solar panel are the solar cells which are mounted on the panels and convert the light energy into electricity or heat. These panels are part of the roof solar kit. The installation process of the solar panels is very easy and anyone can install it.

Installing the Roof Solar Kit

shidler solar Panel

Sunlight is the main prerequisite to convert solar energy into heat and/or light energy. Therefore it is necessary that you place your solar panel in a place where there is plenty of sunlight. The most optimum place to put your residential solar panel is in the south of your roof.

If it is not possible to place your solar panels in the south of you roof then place them in the west of your roof. If you can’t situate your panels in the west because of any reason, then placing them in the east is the third optimized option.  The least likely place for the installation of solar panels is the north side of your roof.

It is also important to refer to building permits before installing the solar panels. In some states the law requires people to get permit before the installation of alternative energy projects. If you did not get the permit, you might have to redo the whole thing because you didn’t know the law.

Careful Measurements and its Done

Generally when installing the solar kit people drill the mount into the plywood that lies under the shingles, don’t do that. Simply chalk out a plan and measure all the details necessary to place the solar roof kit. Sometimes the rafter does not line up properly; you can place a wood piece underneath it.

installing solar panels


Before placing your solar panels gauge the measurements of your roof rafter and with the help of the stud finder. The mount should be placed in a titled manner and there should be three inches space left for air flow beneath the solar panels. The tilt is necessary so that the panels could receive maximum sun light.

The roof solar kit is intended to be placed on roofs therefore the mount should be tilted in an efficient manner and the tilt should be in accordance to your latitude. At latitude of 5-20 degrees, the angle of the title is equal to the latitude. Until the latitude reaches 40 degrees, increase the tilt by 5 degrees for every 5 degrees of latitude. Add 20 degrees of tilt to the latitude if your latitude exceeds 40 degrees.

The next step is to drill the mount to your roof. It is an easy process, to prevent the roof leakage, install the fleshing over the mount. Drill the holes into the mounts and fasten leg bolts into them. Bolt the rails onto the mounts, and install solar panel onto the rails.

Connecting the Terminals

Once the panels are in place, open the junction box on the solar panel and interconnect them. Properly connect the negative and positive terminal screw to their respective wires. Negative terminal screw should be connected to the negative wire and positive terminal screw should be connected to the positive wire. This sequence of connected wire can be used to connect next component such as the controller. This easy process can be done by anyone, the main things is the careful placement of the mount and the solar panels.