How Solar Water Pump Works?

These solar pumps utilize solar energy instead of regular electricity to pull the water. Solar pumps are better for the environment as compare to the conventional pumps. These pumps use solar energy which does not release any harmful emission into the environment. Since these pumps get their energy from the sun, they save non-renewable energy.

Solar pumps are best for areas where power sources are not readily available. People of the areas which experience regular power load-shedding can also get benefit from solar pumps. These pumps can be placed anywhere away from the source of power. If the well is half a mile away from your home, solar pumps are your preferable device to get water out of the well. All you have to do is to connect the pump to the grid and it will pump the water for you.

solar pump installation

Types of Solar Pump Systems

Since the pumps work on sunlight, therefore place them in areas which receive maximum sunlight. There are two types of system available with solar pumps, systems which are fixed and systems which move in the direction of the sun.

The systems which move in the direction of the sun are the tracker systems. The tracker systems are expensive, as compare to the systems which are fixed. The tracker systems collect more sunlight and are more efficient.

The systems which are fixed are known as fixed array. These systems are less expensive and collect less sunlight and pump less water. The fixed panels don’t move in the direction of the sun. Therefore for an optimized performance they are setup to face south.

Sunlight is a Must

Sunlight is the main prerequisite for solar pumps to work. Therefore, it is necessary to place them in an area where they can get maximum sunlight. It is not necessary to install them near the well. However don’t install them under shades or dark areas.

Solar Water Pump

Water needs increase in summer, spring and in autumn. In winter people use less water compared to other three seasons. The solar pumps work when sun is out. In cloudy weathers and at night they don’t work. Hence they will fulfill your needs when you require water the most.

Battery Backup

Often in winter or in rainy seasons sun is blocked by heavy clouds. The clouds prevent sunlight from reaching to the earth. If the solar panels are unable to get sunlight the pumps will not work. The pumps don’t work at night either. To keep the system running at night, or keep it running when you need and there is no sunlight, you can use battery backup for solar pump. The maintenance of solar panels is not expensive. The batteries might require maintenance from time to time. The performance of the solar pump will reduce when you’ll run it on backup batteries.

No Complicated Wiring

No complicated wiring process is involved in the installation of solar pumps. This flexibility has provided them with several advantages. Solar pumps are available in wells, power fountains, power pounds and in various other forms, sizes and shapes. You can place them anywhere you like. They can be placed in the middle of your farm house, in your personal wood cabin or anywhere in the garden.

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