How Is Global Warming Produced?

The overall global climate change has finally convinced everyone that climate change is for real, has begun, and is mostly due to human activities.


According to experts, the effects of global warming are extremely hazardous and extensive. Most of the times, these consequences are only thought of as threats to polar bears, exotic wildlife, and beautiful glaciers. But it is important to understand that climate change threatens more than just the animals and natural landscapes. It can also cause harm to human health and pose serious problems.

In order to understand the effects of global warming, we must first understand how global warming works. We all know that sunshine warms the earth. But when the sun’s radiations enter the atmosphere, a part of the radiations are bounced back into space, and another portion is absorbed by clouds and water vapors, but the majority strikes the planet’s surface.

This solar energy keeps the earth warm, but it’s also reflected back into the atmosphere in the form of infrared radiation. While some of the infrared goes through the atmosphere into space, some of it bounces off the atmospheric gases and comes back to earth, where it adds more warmth, becoming trapped in between the earth and the atmosphere.

The atmospheric gases that reflect back the infrared radiations to earth are known as greenhouse gases. Greenhouse effect is essential for the survival of living beings on Earth as without this, too much solar energy would be lost, and the earth would be too cold for any living organism to survive.

But due to the industrial revolution, the level of atmospheric greenhouse gases has increased greatly, and the increase has risen over the past 50 years. This means that far more infrared radiations are reflected back to earth, where they produce global warming. According to scientists, the earth’s temperature has increased by 0.6°C during the 20th century, which can possible rise by as much as 4.4°C during this century.

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