How Do Solar Batteries Work?

Though solar power is not in use much now but in future it may become another major power obtaining option, replacing electricity, fossil fuels and gas. Main plus point which solar power will be having is the significantly lower power bills. To make solar power useful, it’s necessary to use solar batteries. Solar panels absorb the energy from and batteries work is to store that power so that it can be used when it’s needed.

How do Solar Batteries Work

Standard batteries function is different than solar batteries. As a car battery needs to put out a large current for a short period of time to get the car started, then that battery is charged right away when car is running. However solar batteries are deep cycle batteries and these types of batteries in start gives small current, but maintain that power for much longer time. Though such batteries receives power from sun but these batteries can work in night and even on cloudy days. But these batteries can store the previously received energy like typical batteries.

Solar panels provide direct current then that current is converted to alternate current in order for battery to power the facility. A converter is used to change the direct current into alternate current so that home appliances can use the power.