Homemade Solar Cells

These days everybody is concerned about the growing amount of their energy bills, now the solar option is available to reduce your dependence on utility companies. That would mean a reduced energy bill and savings obviously with just an effort required in making your solar cells and panel. It is necessary that you take and follow guidance in the cells and panel making process.

Some every day tools that we use and perhaps an access to a work shop is all you require to be able to build yourself a solar cell at home. One of the numerous advantages of a solar cell is that it is renewable and the energy it would generate would be much cheaper as compared to the utility company rates.

 Solar cell


The Solar Cell working

The working of a solar cell working may be understood keeping in view the photosynthesis process of plant with the help of chlorophyll pigment present in them. The solar cells do the same, they obtain energy from the sun and convert it into current with the help of silicon in them.

Advancement of Solar Technology

Solar cell technology has grown more and more efficient with time, now it is possible to power your complete house with the solar energy and almost eliminate your dependence on the power companies and their bills.

These days with the advancement of solar technology the solar chargers are available for our every day equipments, the laptop and cell phones.

The Solar Cell

The basic element of solar cells is the silicon, it is the silicon that converts the sun energy to electric current. The silicon comes from silicon dioxide, the silicon is heated repeatedly for the removal of all impurities, and the finished product has to be more than 99% pure.  As a next stage the silicon is crystallized and Boron is added, it is essential that this process should be performed at a secure place.

homemade solar panels


The Solar Panel

It is imperative for the making of solar panels that you have all the required tools, hardware, equipment and parts that are needed. The next step would be the assembling of pieces and mounting the panels, also ensure that you are in knowledge of any planning regulations that prohibit the solar panel installation. Also ensure that you take all the precautionary steps for the installation of the panel, though the panels can be installed outside it is imperative that the battery and the control panel stay indoors away from the moisture.

Solar Cells store Energy in them

The solar cells store energy in the battery so you have power around the clock and it is not as if you would be deprived of this energy at the night time. The battery with the stored energy will continue to function even at night, when the cells are not converting solar energy into current. The modern cells also have the feature of being motorized to be able to continuously point towards and follow the sun so that they are able to maximize the absorption of sunlight. This feature obtains importance in the day when the sun is covered with clouds

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