Green Buildings- A Solution To Global Warming

A “Green Building” is an environmentally friendly building. Confused? In a green building, the effects of materials on the environment are considered. It consists of processes that do not harm the nature.

Purpose of Green Building:

There are 4 main purposes of green building: siting and design efficiency, energy efficiency, water efficiency and material efficiency.

1) Siting And Design Efficiency:

  • Siting and Design goes hand in hand.
  • Siting involves the factors such as exposure to sun and wind.
  • One of the best way of conserving energy is to place a home facing the west side.
  • In the design part, you have to select the type of windows to be placed for efficiency.
  • In northern climate, you can use large double paned windows. This is allows greenhouse warming effect in one location.
  • You can even use small tinted glass.
  • In short, selecting a suitable area and then designing it with ways to save energy is done in siting and design efficiency.

2) Energy Efficiency:

  • Green buildings include ways to minimize energy.
  • Your electricity bill increases with the use of heaters, airconditioners, washing machines and dishwashers.
  • You can include pipe ventilation, rooftop solar panels and geothermal heat exchangers.
  • These things can make your home cool, give you hot water and power lights.
  • Thus you are able to save energy and money.

3) Water Efficiency:

  • By reducing water efficiency, you improve the quality of water.
  • You achieve two goals by diverting the gray water to the lawn.
  • You protect the diminishment of water supplies.
  • When you include the water treatment in construction, you are able to save money.

4) Materials Efficiency:

  • You can use naturally made materials in a green building.
  • You can use recycled materials since they reduce the cost of home.
  • Skylights and air pipe ventilation can improve the quality of life.
  • Use of natural building materials reduces the entry of volatile particles. The air remains fresh.
  • Man-made materials diffuse harmful gases in the atmosphere.

Cost of Building a “Green Building”:

The average cost of building a green building is 5% more than the normal construction. But then just imagine how much you will save in future. The green buildings can give you a saving return of about 50-70%. The use of solar panels and pipe ventilation reduces your electricity bill for sure.

Lastly, the green building has no harmful effect on the environment. It is known to improve the quality of your life and brighten our planet Earth.

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