Government Grants for Alternative Energy

President George W. Bush enhanced the funding for R&D for alternative energy in 2007 by 22%. But while announcing the enhancement he mentioned that the enhancement would apply on fabricated units. There look some exciting contradictions when the question for funding the alternative energy comes under discussion.The reason for the contradictions is that meanwhile Mr. President was announcing for enhancement of funding for the alternative energy R&D at the same time the National Renewable Energy Laboratory of Golden Colorado (NREL) was terminating its employees and contractors’ contracts.

Government Grants for Alternative Energy

It looks the decision was later communicated to NREL and it started renegotiating contracts with employees immediately after the President’s address. Later the President addressed at the NREL. Now the matter is quite undisputed and it is understood that the US government is committed to boost up alternative energy projects by supporting R&D programs and tax concessions.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory of Golden Colorado (NREL)

The NREL is a foremost part of National Bio-energy Center and practically has no physical office. This is an extension of Energy Department of US and its prime responsibility is development of alternative energy. The examiners and the developers at the research centers are dedicated professionals and perform vital functions for the development of economically feasible products based on the proven creative ideas as claimed by the Director of Laboratory, Mr. Dan Arvizu.

The scope of the NREL includes study of means of renewable energy, transformation of these means into renewable power and finally the procedures to consume the renewable power so generated into houses, industrial units and the automobiles. The Laboratory with the support of the federation is committed to ascertain the renewable alternatives to fuel up growing economic needs of people of US.

The Prime Focus of NREL


The NREL focuses on various aspects of possible alternative renewable energy solutions. The array of its focus is vast and it concentrates improvement of renewable means of electricity. It includes but not limited to wind power, biomass power, geothermal power and solar power. On the other hand on renewable fuel for automobiles to gear up engine power it focus on bio-diesel, biomass and hydrogen fuel cells.

After the results of the efforts of researchers are fruitful, than comes the problem to tap these resources. It includes engineering solutions to install the alternative energy solutions in power system to electrify homes, industrial units, energy networks and road and rail networks. The Laboratory is responsible to scrutinize the economic and environment feasibility of all such solutions developed and implemented.

Transfer of Technology by NREL

The NREL has also established Technology Transfer Office (TTO). At TTO, the technicians and engineers of NREL develop transferable knowledge which they transmit to the private firms or companies seeking these expertise and training. In private sector the struggle conducted by the technicians and engineering staff of TTO office of NREL are honored and the many joint ventures and technical certificates are witness to this phenomena.


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