Go Green With Environmental Friendly Shopping Bags

Polyethene bags, more commonly known as plastic bags, are a major source of air pollution as well as land pollution. In this era, where people are aware of the hazards of environmental pollution, plastic bags are considered as a hallmark of waste. Burning of polyethene bags release harmful gases, such as dioxin which is hazardous for human health.

An Alternate For Plastic Bags

Due to pollution effects caused by plastic bags, many people have started using environmental friendly shopping bags which can be bought from retail shops. For those who are aware and careful about environmental hazards caused by pollution, DIY shopping bags are the right option.

If you have got the ability to recycle things, maybe you are unaware of that, you can easily make shopping bags and even use your ability as a source of income. And guess what? All you need is some old stuff thrown away in the corner of your house.

Hazards Of Reusable Shopping Bags From Retailers

DIY shopping bags are preferrable because you can avoid using reusable bags from retail shops. The reason is that these bags are found to be composed of high amount of lead, which can enter into the food in those bags. Lead has very harmful effects on health, if ingested by humans. Once it reaches in the body, it circulates in blood and can affect nervous system or intellectual development, especially of infants and children.

However, many large retailers, such as Winn-Dixie, have taken action against it and asked the suppliers to lower the amount of lead. But don’t you think DIY bags are still better than using reusable bags from retailers? As you can make them for free.

Environmental Friendly DIY Shopping Bags

Think green and make beautiful and stylish shopping bags yourself by using old stuff, but in good shape. You can use stuff like towels, t-shirts, dry cleaning covers, curtains, feed bags, pillow covers, sweaters, bed sheets and many other materials. There’s no major or difficult work needed to be done; you just need a sewing machine, scissor and the material and you got yourself a DIY shopping bag.

Advantages Of DIY Shopping Bags

If you don’t want to risk your health and spend money on buying environmental shopping bags from retailers, then make yourself a DIY shopping bag at home. They are easy to make and you got nothing to lose. You can use these bags again and again until they tear-apart, which of course they will eventually. Besides, DIY shopping bags are environmental friendly; they produce no air pollution. And as said earlier, you can also sell and earn money from them.

Your Future is in Your Hand

With a cautious approach, you can benefit your health and safety with an effort to avoid using plastic bags and retailers’ useable shopping bags. You can spend your extra time in making beautiful environmental friendly shopping bags of different sizes and styles.

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