Global Warming’s Global Effects

Global warming needs no introduction in today’s world. Therefore avoiding the intricacies of global warming I would like to write this article in the hope of sharing some insight into what could actually happen or what is exactly happening to our planet Earth because of global warming. This term has caused global affects on agriculture, weather, which has further caused a tremendous shift in the economy of countries. Let me explain in a brief manner global warming’s global effects.

Rising Sea Levels

Regarding sea level rising, there is a misconception that I need to clarify. It is not because of the melting of the Polar zone that causes rising sea levels, it is the thermal expansion that causes the sea to have a rising level. The meltdown at the Polar zones join the oceans, but they hardly make up for rising levels.


Currently though, it is predicted that within the next 100 years, if the same amount of global warming occurs, it is probable that islands may be eliminated completely. Not only that but areas near the sea may loose million of acres of land. It is surely a problem to be worried about, as already recently an island in Maldives has been eaten up by the rising sea level.

Diminishing Sweet Water

One major problem to consider is that of salt water mixture with sweet water. You must be thinking how this is possible?

Well, you see, rising sea levels could destroy the sweet water of rivers and this could lead to agricultural short fall in low lying areas around the world.

diminishing sea water

According to statistics the Indian River in America would cease to exist if rising sea levels occur and this would be a problem as the agricultural production is largely dependent on that river.

Extreme Weather

I don’t think there is a need to stress about this situation as we all have recently witnessed the extreme climate and weather change in different parts of the world. Russia facing severe heat wave, while Pakistan suffered from severe flooding. This is one effect of global warming.


Hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones are becoming a norm for costal areas. There is an alarming rate of hurricane frequency which has amounted to 35% over the last 30 years. With the planetary conditions that we face now, it is feared to go much above that estimate.

Extreme Climate

People often mix up climate with weather and there is a confusion about the two. Climate is actually a weather pattern, not the weather itself and climate change is global. With the global warming on the rise, there is extreme hot seasons in one part of the world, while extreme cold in the other part.


This is the reason why glaciers in the northern hemispheres are melting and there is a 50% decrease in their size. This is the one sole reason why there is a constant influx of landslides, floods and lake overflows in different parts of the world. If the sweet water preserves melts too quickly and joins with the ocean water, we could all die out of THIRST.

These are just some of the brief highlights of global warming’s global effects. We should not forget droughts, forest fires, heat waves, extreme cold, and many other problems that is harming our planet Earth. People have still not realized the implications of global warming and are continuing to live a life of ignorance. SAD!

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