French Companies Are Entering Into Philippine’s Renewable Energy Market

Since government and private firms are likely to fully operate in environment-friendly energy sources as they follow the Renewable Energy Act, so Chiefs of French energy firms advocating sustainable energy sources will go to Philippine to enter into Philippine’s market.


The French Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines (Le Club-FCC) stated more than 4 French energy firms would take part in the Powertrends International Fair coming this week to encourage the alternative energy sources for the Philippines.

These firms are working in the energy sector like power generation, engineering, technology and solutions.

The French trade fair from Sep 9 -11 at the World Trade Center co-occurs with the United Nations International Conference on Green Industry in Asia. It will be hosted by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Companies Participating In The Fair

One of the French firms taking part in the trade fair is Novergy. It offers renewable-energy technology solutions including biomass power plants, waste-heat recovery, also solar and wind power.

Vergnet SA renders expertise in supplying wind power that will go for thirty years.

The Bureau d’Etude Molinet stated its services include enhancing a fuller knowingness with each user of energy in favor of sustainable development by citizen conduct.

Enertime, an engineering firm, renders consultancy on renewable- energy development. Their specialty is in bioenergy and solar energy.

Another French energy expert, Transformer Protector Corp. (TPC) renders counsel in the transformer burst prevention.

FCC stated there are some other French engineering and technology companies heading to market their products and services in the Philippines. some of them are Alstom-Philippines, Areva Renewable, Basler Electric, ETDE International and MS Resistances.

Paris-Manila Technology Corp. (Pamatec) destines to display case its high and medium and low-voltage equipment and services and power distribution to sub stations, telecommunication power systems and rural electrification.

SDV Philippines Inc. is also participating that supplies freight forwarding and international logistics. TMC France SAS deals cast-resin distribution transformers up to 52KV.