Facts about Solar Powered Cars

Solar energy is a renewable energy which doesn’t pollute the air and is used in various forms of utility on Earth, Such as drying cloths, heating water and powering different technologies etc. Though many usage of solar power have been discovered, but still we are not capable to make full use of solar energy. First ever solar cell was created in 1883 and now solar energy is used in powering vehicles as well. It’s a long journey of enhancement of solar energy from a solar cell to a solar car.

Solar Powered Cars:

In solar powered cars, same photovoltaic cells (PVC) are used which are also used in solar panels. PVC panels convert the solar energy into electricity that can be used. Solar technology is expensive and costs a lot. Solar panels have different prices, depending how fast the panel can capture and convert the energy. Solar powered car’s body is covered with solar panels, which costs hundreds of thousands dollars. Solar powered car can speed more than 60 miles per hour.

Different big motor vehicle companies are researching to make a solar car on reasonable price, so that they can launch it in the market. In Paris Auto Show, the Venturi Eclectic was presented. This car was designed to use solar and wind energy and was having speed up to 30 miles per hour. But such type of prototype cars can not be in practical use for traveling on highways. May be in future, solar cars are developed more on reasonable prices for general public, and those can be used on highways also. As the advancements in the field of solar energy are being made day by day, it seems solar powered cars wont take so long to be in scene on highways.

None the less solar energy have many benefits. Solar panels don’t make any noise pollution, so cars will be moving silently on the roads. Most of all, solar energy is free of cost and you won’t be dependent on oil. Though sun is not available around the clock, but batteries are used to store the power. As it’s expected to have solar cars on roads in future, so for time being you can experience solar energy powered car by purchasing the Toyota Prius, which has a new solar roof that can power the car for at least 20 miles longer.

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