Ethanol Fuel – Advantages And Disadvantages

Ethanol fuel is the same type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages. It is mostly used in the  motor cars , as a bio fuel which is addictive to gasoline. Though we all have a negative view when it comes to the word “fuel”, we must also consider the negative and positive aspects of Ethanol Fuel.

Ethanol Fuel

Advantages Of Ethanol Fuel:

The best advantage of Ethanol fuel is that it is used as a source of renewable energy. It s much more better then the fossil fuels. This is because the fossil fuels easily exhaust but Ethanol fuel does not exhaust which becomes a great advantage to use it. Another great advantage of using Ethanol fuel is that people will find it easy to use and it will be easily available. By using it on a large scale it will be an advantage as the countries using Ethanol will not have to depend on the other countries as a lot of fuel is imported. Moreover, with the use of Ethanol fuel we can stay away from the high prices which we will have to pay. Producing ethanol fuel within the country is a very good advantage. By this people will have an opportunity to work  in there own country and earn.

This will automatically lower the prices of the fuel and becomes an advantage for all.

Disadvantages Of Ethanol Fuel:

As there are advantages of Ethanol fuel there are also many disadvantages regarding it. One of the biggest disadvantage of Ethanol fuel is that the country can suffer from food shortage as the Ethanol fuel is produced by harvested crops. This can even lead to increase the prices of the food crops and other food items. The more Ethanol fuel is produced, the more there will be a shortage of crops. Moreover, proper cleaning is required while producing the Ethanol fuel because it also has the ability to destroy your car engine if the engine is not regularly maintained.

Use Of Ethanol Fuel

Though Ethanol fuel is one source of renewable energy it is being done at the cost of cultivated crops. I guess we can drop this option of renewable energy as crops are more vital than this fuel. Renewable energy can be obtained from other more powerful sources.

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  1. what if you added hho as well as alcohol wouldn’t that solve the food shortage problem as well as you wouldn’t need as much?

  2. also added what if you do electric with alcohol as well as with HHO if its possible?

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