Convert Solar To Electrical Energy

We all know that today’s world is a recession stricken world and there are less opportunities in the available market. In such a period of time, we must try to make use of natural resources that abundant. Considering the high expenses and shortage of things, electricity is one of the basic needs of human being. It is not required in one country or one city but the need of electricity is everywhere.

Electricity today is being consumed from limited resources, this makes it limited and also expensive for many. For this reason scientists are looking for ideas to generate electrical energy from solar energy. The good thing about this is that the solar energy is the energy gained from the sun and the suns heat is never going to go short. Scientists and people from the private sector are trying hard to make electricity work through solar energy and why shouldn’t they, it is a great, clean, useful and economical action.

Therefore, in order to make everyone aware of the conversion steps of solar energy to electrical energy we need to know the following steps.

First step

The first step to convert solar energy into electrical energy requires gathering of  solar power through photovoltaic cells. With the help of these, the energy attained from the sun (solar energy) will directly be converted into electricity. The format of this electricity would be DC format or direct current.

Second step

The solar energy gathered in the direct current format is then to be stored into storage batteries. Here, the enrgy type takes a change and the direct current format is changed into Alternating energy AC. Alternating energy or AC is used for common appliances such as operating lights. This is not impossible infact it is very easy and highly used in more than ten thousand homes in the US, powered totally by solar energy.

If you are wondering where these applications of solar energy are used then consider the usage of your garden hose. Yes it works much in the same way. Hot water comes out of it after it has been laid in the sun for a whole day. This is used to heat water in swimming pools and ponds. With the help of this, water is moved into large containers that are full of the sun’s heat from all day. The water is then moved back into the pool or pond and the water reaches a certain temperature which helps to heat the rest of the water. Not only is this method used domestically but it is also being used commercially. Do you know that the energy produced from burning five hundred thousand tons of coal is less than what can be produced from silicon with just one ton of sand used in photovoltaic cells. Just imagine the benefit of solar energy.

Therefore, solar energy can be changed into electrical energy in places where there is more sunshine and this way each place will be utilized with it’s own resource. What can be better than producing power from solar energy which is at times available, clean and effective.

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