Cheap Solar Powered Fountains

Like other fountains, the solar fountains also offer the splendor and sophistication. There is an added advantage that is their low operating expenses as compared to the ordinary one. The reason is that these are operated by sun energy and it is free of cost. Another advantage of using the solar fountains is that normally these don’t require the disturbing wires. This attribute makes them more attractive for your garden or terrace.

Solar Fountain

Requires More Care

Since the solar fountains are distinctive from that of regular one, hence these need to be treated with exceptional care. As these are solar powered, so these fountains require little safeguarding.  Below are some guidelines for proper working and care of solar fountains:


The use of battery is inevitable for working of these fountains at night time. Majority of solar fountains only run with the sun shining, as these are without battery when purchased. Hence you must check that battery is included in the package or not.

Solar Plates

You have to make sure that solar plate is placed appropriately to obtain the maximum sunlight during the whole day, if the pump is not working with utmost competence. If you require extra energy, then you may use more solar plates to meet your objective.

Solar Panels


You must keep in mind that owing to its alliance with power of sun’s beams, the fountain will most probably offer various amounts of water during the whole day.

Position of the Fountain

If the solar panel is detached from the fountain, then it should be positioned at such a place where the panel can stay in the sun for a lengthy period. Conversely, if the solar panel is incorporated in the solar fountain, the complete equipment should be positioned in the sun. Since the solar fountains can be used without the plug, hence these can easily be put away from source of power.

These solar fountains are offered in a wide range of models. Few of these are independent; these either make use of their individual plinths or may be positioned anywhere. The other type of solar panels hovers in pools or ponds. These are also available in different shapes. Irrespective of its shape, every solar fountain offers a lively and soothing ambiance.