Causes Of Global Warming

There are many causes that lead to Global warming, with each of the reasons contributing more to the increasing intensity of the climate change that has affected our planet.

causes of global warming

The main cause of global warming is the increase rate of greenhouse gases present in the earth’s atmosphere. These gases cause the the greenhouse effect, which traps the heat present on the earth by reducing the level of solar rays that are able to escape from our atmosphere.

Although the greenhouse effect is extremely important to support life on earth, by keeping our atmosphere warm enough to support life, the addition of human activities contributing to the quantity of greenhouse gases has caused an artificial increase in the intensity of the greenhouse effect, which has made this great phenomena a bad effect. Thus greenhouse effect is not bad, it is the increase in the amount of greenhouse gases that are causing the harm.

Global warming is also due to the rising pollution caused as a result of increase in transportation. Due to population increase, the use of aviation, public and personal transport has increased greatly leading to a rise in greenhouse gases.

Although different technologies are constantly being developed and improved to introduce energy efficient engines which will produce lesser greenhouse emissions, it will take some time until such engines become common.

Energy production also leads to global warming. Coal, oil and gas power plants burn fossil fuels to drive turbines to generate electricity. With the increasing energy demands, the amount of emissions has increased too adding to the intensity of the greenhouse effect.

Moreover, the increasing rate of deforestation has also caused a negative impact as trees help to absorb carbon dioxide which reduces the intensity of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.

As more trees are cut, more greenhouse gases build up in our atmosphere. By reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and using sustainable construction methods and materials, we can greatly reduce the impact this process has on global warming.

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