Buying Cheap Solar Panels

Buying cheap solar panels for personal use is a wise decision. You can get cheap solar panels easily around you, they may be the new products or the old ones. Here are some tips that will help you get the best use of your hard earned dollars.

cheap solar panels

1 – Search the Product in your Country:

It’s cheaper and easier to buy from the region where you reside. You can get it through postage, insurance or supplier service. Since its quicker and easier to return the item if you don’t want it. Also that, the item wont be needing much transportation so will be less chances for its breakage or damage.

2 – The DIY Option:

There are few claims (some true some false) about producing cheap solar panels and wind generators. But if you get the materials outlined in the manuals, you can make a cheap solar panel yourself. The Earth 4 Energy is most reliable e-book to learn about it. They offer refunding within 8 weeks so you can’t go wrong. This company have good record for giving refunds whenever they are requested.

3 – New Cheap Solar Panels:

New cheap solar panels and other equipments are provided with a warranty and with quality identification. You need to communicate its seller regarding claim of warranty.Also. you should know whether the seller is the person who would deal with the damages item, or is it your  own responsibility. Posting damaged solar panel from one place to another is time consuming and expensive.

These points are important to focus on, especially when you buy it from new vendor. The best way to get new cheap solar panels is to buy it directly from the manufacturer or the manufacturer’s main supplier. When you buy directly from the manufacturer or main supplier, you will save money that vendor gets as profit. And big suppliers are more reliable when it comes to support with warranty issues.

4 – Used Cheap Solar Panels:

Used solar panels can be lot cheaper than the new ones. But before buying the used panels you must check few things. If the solar panel is old then it will be having less productivity, because the age of a panel affects its productivity usually in a thin film solar panel. Look at the structure of the panel if it’s sealed properly or not. If there is moisture inside the glass or plastic, cover it. This will bring change in its performance.

Other things that matters is its performance through out the day. If  it doesn’t perform well, then it means the panels have some internal issues as corrosion or other damage to the internal circuitry. Usually this problem occurs in thin solar cells. Before you buy the cheap solar panels, confirm that it isn’t used on a boat.

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