Biofuel Problems

Bio fuels are basically the alternative fuels for the petroleum based fuels. They are thought to be energy conserving, pollution free and environment friendly.

Actual Facts about the Bio-fuels

They are basically prepared from the biological materials and the purpose behind their usage is that they pollute the environment comparatively less than the petroleum based fuels. But the reality is somehow converse to it. It is found that the amount of carbon dioxide released by the Bio fuels in the environment is four times larger than that of petroleum based fuels. These findings are recently released by the European Commission in Brussels, released under the Freedom of Information Act. The particular ones are the oils used for fuel extracted from the soybean biomass.

Negative Aspects

Use of Biofuels

If we put the concentration of carbon contributed to the environment by the usage of Bio-fuels, there is another important factor that must be considered regarding its preparation. Most of the Bio-fuels are prepared by exacting the oils from the plant sources. This destroys the plant life and is likely to cause certain problems in the ecosystem.

After that, once they have been prepared, their burning produces too much of the carbon dioxide gas in the environment that is harmful both for the plant and animal life. The ratio of oxygen in such environment ultimately gets lowered.

Non Eco-Friendliness of Bio-fuels

There has been a long-standing battle for a number a years for bio fuels in the market due to the non eco-friendless characteristics. The recent report released by the European Commission is expected to cause a decrease in the production and consumption of bio-fuels in many areas of the world.

Bio-fuels-Food Industry

Bio Fuels

A part from that, a significant impact ob the food industry has also been observed. It is because most of the staple plants are used in the production of bio-fuel and thus it causes the shortage in the market. The food companies are selling their food stock to the fuel manufacturing companies at higher rates of profit without realizing the consequences. This is also caused inflation in the prices of food commodities especially staple crops.


Taking about the transportation done through the usage of bio-fuels, it is quite expensive than the one done by the petroleum-based fuels. They are though to be the better alternatives and conventional fuels but actually they are affecting both the people and the environment in the adverse way.


The biomass that is to be used for the production of a particular bio-fuel must be studied properly. The amount of carbon released by a particular biomass upon burning must be considered. Hence, all such bio-masses that produce high carbon concentration would not be used in the preparation of the bio-fuels. It would definitely help in generating the cleaner burn for the fuel. The end or by products must also be studied before the preparing of bio-fuel from particular plant or biomass. In short, selective bio-fuel production must be done based on the after affects of the bio-masses.

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