We have a knowledge about that we commonly known that all energy is obtain from the sun, sun is a unique source to get energy for our requirements. But some of this energy was obtain by a tiny marine animals a before, a hundred, million centuries ago. Minimum oil supply had obtained by these tiny animals since one century for the consumption it took only the human race.

Global Warming 1

Fossil Fuels:

Fossils fuel are easy and facilitated source of energy but it was useful for the time being it didn’t changed the traditional civilization to a modern one, it did not useful for the long period of time. Our oil reserves have been decreasing since many years and half reserves are becoming less in numbers.

Most of the geologist agree on this point that, the oil well will soon dry and empty certainly not completely empty there is must be some oil for our requirements but will it be sufficient for us? The world population is increases day by day but the requirements for the oil is also increasing.

It is the duty of worlds leadership to take concrete steps for this reason.We have been seen experiment with no control of capitalism under the guidance of Reagan and we know certainly the idea has failed. Trickle down economics is not useful and idea of bale outs do not solve previous problems, but on the contrary it creates more and new obstacles and problem. If the businesses get not benefited then we should take aside and lets it to be fall.

Stirling Engine

At the other side there is a small businesses which are ready to face the world new challenges. If we all need that our country and world economics condition should be better then, Accountability is most important in this regard for both sustainable businesses and government also.

We need alternatives to combining one commercial companies, acquisition for our self and corruption. We need freedom on the basis of equivalent. So that everyone in this world can avail equal rights.


  1. I personally think that we really need an alternate Energy system, which should be enviroment friendly, and thats true the need of oil in the world is so much that we will be soon out of it. So its a high time for the world Leadership to think about it very seriously.

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