Advantages and Disadvantages of Tidal Energy

Tidal Energy is a natural source of energy, but it has some prominent following advantages and disadvantages:


  • Tidal power is free.
  • It has no greenhouse gas emissions and no other wastes.
  • Don’t need any fuel.
  • Reliable electricity production.
  • Its maintenance is not highly expensive.
  • Tide.s are always predictable
  • Offshore turbines and vertical-axis turbines are costly but not costly to built, also that it has positive impact on environment.
  • Its renewable energy. The tides will continue to ebb and flow, and will produce the power.
  • One tidal plant after implementation can produce energy for 75 to 100 years.
  • For generating power,  it uses cheapest source as fuel which is water.
  • Electricity production is reliable through tidal nergy.
  • It protects the coastline against the damage from high storm tides and provides a ready made road bridge.
  • As long as as moon exists, earth revolves,nothing can stop tidal flows.


  • It causes a constant loss of mechanical energy in the earth-Moon system.
  • Energy loss causes the earth to slow in the 4.5 billion years, since formation losing 17% of its rotational energy.
  • It may take extra energy from the system which will increase the rate of slowing it over the next millions of years.
  • Similar effects are on large dams; it affects the flow of saltwater in and out of estuaries. This will change the hydrology and salinity, and can create negative affects on the marine mammals that use the estuaries as their habitat.
  • When smaller volume of water exchanges between the basin and the sea, the turbidity decreases.
  • It decreases the salinity inside the basin which also affect on the ecosystem.

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