8 Peculiar Car Fuels

The world is moving fast and there are many astonishing possibilities in near future to use  the ‘useless’ materials for creating fuels. That is, the stuff we don’t think about, may get worth after renewing  and utilizing it. Scientists are working on bio-materials to use it as car fuels. Some of the peculiar car fuels made of bio-materials are mentioned below:

Chocolaty Fuel: Did you ever imagined of car that runs on fuel made of chocolate. Well, this doesn’t mean Hershey’s syrups are used instead of diesel. A group from University of Warwick, Britain is working on Formula 3 Race car that runs on biodiesel which have 30% derived from chocolate wastes. Moreover, the steering wheel is partially made of carrots and the mirrors and aerodynamic front wing is prepared of potato starch and fiber of flax.

Used Diaper: Scientists found that the paper pulp from used diaper can be used in fuel production through pyrolysis process. The manufacturers plan to take 180 million used diapers a year. Used diaper instead of creating landfill, is a good alternative as domestically created fuel.

Wood chips and nuts: Companies are involved in experimenting creation of gasoline, jet fuel and diesel from wood chips and nuts. Scientists believe that Hydrogen can be extracted from walnut shells to run cars. The remains can be again used in growing more walnuts by graving into the ground, and the cycle goes on.

Use of Coffee Grounds: The left over coffee ground can be used in creation of biodeisel instead of leaving to biodegrading. Sometimes when the coffee at our homes gets too old, it tastes bit oily, this is because it carries 10% to 15% content of oil which can be used in production of fuel. Scientists believe it would be greatly safer to use natural elements to create fuels then to create it chemically.

Use of Human Body Fat: Doctors and scientists believe that human body which is excluded by operations can be used in creation of fuel. Fats are worth using as biofuel and saving environment. People who get operated wish that their excluded fats be used in creating fuel.

Though these new experiments sound weird, but if considered rationally these are natural ways to safe environment from chemicals and other toxic elements that are damaging ozone layer.

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