3D Solar Panel Developed

A new prototype for the worlds first 3D photovoltaic cell, has been created by researchers in US, which could lead to more efficient solar panels in the future.

3D solar panel

The device was developed in the Georgia Institute of Technology, in the process of finding a way to get the cells to absorb light and produce energy without being in direct sunlight.

This device enables renewable energy to be produced without having the devices in awkward places and exposed to damage. This means that the devices can be moved into the walls of buildings and underneath cars.

The research was led by Dr Zhong Wang, who said that the development could have a positive effect on the way popular consumer items are powered. It is true that no one wants to buy a big, nice, fancy car with a huge solar panel on the roof.

The new invention could prove to be a breakthrough in the solar industry as it will allow many design cautious people to incorporate renewable energy methods as well.