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Posted on 31 October 2011


Are you interested in making a solar generator within a budget of 350 USD? Then you have to follow the following instructions. The cost of the solar generator entirely depends upon the material that you use while construction. The solar generator will generate up to 100 watt-hour of electrical energy if the solar panel of 20 watt receives solar energy for more than five hours per day.

Important components of generator

Important components of generator

In this particular design that you are going to learn, we are going to use a rechargeable battery that can store more than 400 watt of energy.  First you have to pick a reliable solar panel that is rated at 12 volts. You can easily get such solar panel for less than 175 USD. You are suggested to get a charge controller of 4 amperes, which is readily available for 25USD. Battery is the most important factor of this design. Therefore, you should get a 32 amp-hour battery that is available for 60 USD.

Power inverter and installment of components

You can attain power inverters for less than 30USD. Next you are recommended to grab a voltage meter that is going to be used to monitor the load on solar generator. A wooden box or a plastic cooler are suggested to be used for the enclosing purposes. You have to drill a spot on the cooler to fit in the parts that are being discussed before.

Precise connections

The next step includes the connection of the insulated wires with the battery from the meter. Keep in mind that you have to connect the positive terminal first.

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Wire the panel properly such that the operating voltage of the controller is matched with the battery system. Search for a proper circuit and follow it for precise wiring.


Connect the controller with the battery to ensure the efficiency of the device. Make sure that the polarities are properly marched. Make sure that you make the connections correctly, because the controller is a highly sensitive device and can be destroyed if not connected properly. To the load terminal of the controller, you have to connect the negative and the positive leads of the load.

Final step of the construction

Final step of the construction

Once you complete this procedure, you have to connect the inverter to the rechargeable battery. After that you have to mount the solar panel at the proper place making sure that it is subjected to maximum amount of sunlight during the entire day. Be careful about the installment of the panel.

Applications of the solar generator

You can run a number of devices including a fan, laptop, small TV, and others with the help of this solar generator. If the battery manages to receive reasonable charge during the entire day, then it is most likely that the small systems will run fairly well. It is a 400 watt generator that can run a number of devices at the same time.

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