Solar Power and Inverters

Posted on 05 August 2011

The developing world requires a much more reliable and effective source of energy. These energy resources depend upon the economic cost and how things work. The recent energy crisis which many nations faced is being addressed by use of alternative energy production methods. These methods are used worldwide quite brilliantly.

Solar Power – A Blessing

Solar Power – A Blessing

Solar Power is one of the most useful and amazing ways to generate power. Solar Power is available to Earth almost all the time. Many developed nations are producing Solar Power from PV Cells installed for commercial use. Have a look at the Solar Power and its uses. Even residential people can make use of Solar Power easily and use it in a very effective manner. People look for a solution to the problems they face. Everything can be easily resolved.

Economic Costs – Energy Crisis

Utility cables lines are very hard to operate and expensive to implement in remote regions. The cost of installing the grid system can be enormous if the prospects are not wide and if the implementation program is weak. One has to consider all sorts of options while planning to provide power to all residential or commercial units.

Alternative Means of Power Generation

Alternative energy power sources are one of the most amazing and brilliant resources of power. Many people are researching and working towards the development of alternative power sources. The alternative power resources provide an economic and cost effective solution to all power production.

The Shift To Alternative Methods

Installing power units which generate energy can be a very wise decision. These power units can generate a lot of power and reduce cost and bills. There is a very significant change when one compares the bills between local utility power service and the personal Solar Power Panel.

Natural Environment – The Effects

The natural environment is not at all damaged by the use of Solar Powered Panels. These Panels are very cost effective and prevent any sort of mishap. They need little or no maintenance and work for as long as 25 years in a good condition. Solar Power Panels are ideal for people who wish to make out the best of Solar Energy.

Solar Energy – A Transformation

The Solar Energy is harnessed from the sun. This energy is virtually available throughout the year in most places. It makes use of a hot water system through which steam is generated. The heat energy is then converted to the Electrical energy which is provided to the entire household and appliances.

Categories of Power Panels – AC and DC Solar Panels

The power generated by Solar Cells can be categorized into two specific and distinct systems. The AC Solar Power Panels and DC Solar Power Panels. These two Solar Power Panels are distinct and work in a very different manner. The Solar Power Panel comes pre-equipped with the integral components.

AC Power Panel – A Direct option

The AC current is electricity used in everyday appliances by most consumers. It is provided through grid system to most consumers. However DC current cannot be used everywhere and may cause damage to the appliances and other gadgets. The problem is solved by the use of Inverters.

Inverters – The Conversion Units

An Inverter is a device used to control the flow and power of current. It also converts the Current Type from AC to DC or from DC to AC. The Inverter is extremely useful and does a lot of good to anybody who purchases it. Usually the Inverter comes in the Solar Panel Kit when it is purchased.

Batteries – A Backup Plan

Batteries can also be used to work with and redirect power extraction if the Solar Power Panel fails. These Batteries can work for up to 4 to 5 years depending on the consumption of power and how they are used. Most Batteries wear out quickly due to increasing dependence on chemical power.

DC Only System

DC Only System

The DC Only System is one of the unique and creative types of Solar Powered Panels. These are used to small cabin applications and make use of small compartments to generate power.

The DC Only System is very well built and facilitates all applications compatible. It is only used for DC current use and consists of seven components.

The Components of DC System

The components include a valve for controlling power, the Photovoltaic Cells, a mounting kit which covers the system, a solar module and fused distribution panel. A bank of batteries is also available for the consumer to use if the system is offline due to some technical error.

A Breakthrough – AC/DC System

The AC/DC System is a different and expensive system. The dynamics of this system are completely based upon AC to DC conversion. The kit of this system also features an Inverter which converts DC current to AC current for appliances to properly operate. The Inverters available come in two distinct types as well.

Types of Inverters – The Modified Sine Wave Inverter

The Modified Sine Wave Inverter is most commonly used in most cases. This type of Inverter is used in 95% of the world’s total systems. It is extremely economic and widely available. The Inverter works quietly and completes the task with efficiency.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter – Power Like No Other

The second type of Inverter is known as the Pure Sine Wave Inverter. It converts any extra discharges into a smooth form and provides with electricity is a similar manner like the Power Grid Station. However it is expensive and requires constant maintenance. This device has a very high efficiency rate and effectiveness.

DC/AC System – A Third Option

DC AC System A Third Option

Another unique system is available to consumers and owners. It is known as the DC/AC System with AC Powered Charged and AC Transfer Switch. It can convert both the types of current and the Inverter is expensive. This system also possesses the capability of charging the Batteries of the system one owns.

Some Notable Brands

Many brands like Xantrex produce some of the most useful and best available Inverters in the market. These Inverters are reliable and one can work with them easily. They are available worldwide for domestic as well as commercial use and some Inverters and systems can work off grid as well.

The Use of Generators – Save Time

A Generator is often used to facilitate individuals if the entire system fails. Assuming that there is no sunshine or wind power available, one can make use of the power provided by the Generator. The Generator is silent and very unique. It can operate easily and is very cost effective.

Precautions – Always Keep In Mind

Some precautions include that one must never bind the generators power with AC Output of any Inverter. In this case, the Inverter and the Generator will be severely damaged. It is essential to take care of this issue because it can literally affect the way everything works.

These are some of the most important advantages and techniques of Solar Modules and Energy.




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