Overview of Solar Leases and PPAs: Power Purchase Agreements

Posted on 18 July 2011

In times when fossil fuel like coal, oil and gas are growing increasingly expensive, the renewable energy resources provide a feasible and economic solution to all your energy problems. For developing countries, developing modern ways of energy extraction can be extremely vital.

All over the world research has been put to investigate new and better ways of making use of natural elemental resources like Wind, Water and Sunlight. Without a doubt the most effective of all is the Solar Power which is made by trapping the sunlight in Solar Panels which gives you electricity free of cost.

Cons of Solar Power

Cons of Solar Power

It has a great upfront cost. Also Solar Power is very difficult to maintain. If the climate of the region is not sunny, then all your investment will go down the drain. If you have completely shifted to Solar Power by the PPA then you have to stay with that same system for about 10 – 20 years. Also for many individuals PPA leasing is not really a good option and they may find purchasing Solar Panels much more economical. Solar Power Panels are quite expensive as well and they need a professional touch before they can be actually implemented at your home.

Pros of Solar Power

Solar Power is extremely cheap once you have installed the units. Sunlight is available throughout the year in many countries. The uses of Solar Power are unimaginable. Entire Industrial Zones can be shifted to non pollutant energy producing options. Solar Power is pollution free and does not produce any sort of harmful gases.

It will contribute in keeping the Carbon Emissions low. Developing countries can make use of this source of power to provide cheap electricity to their civilians and progress significantly. If you have installed the Power Units at your home, there is just no haste of any power breakdown because your system is connected to the main grid as well.

You also just don’t have to worry about the increasing electricity rates.

PPA is the Solution!

PPA refers to Power Purchase Agreement. If you do not have enough money to purchase a Solar Power panel which costs from $1200 – $2000, you may contact PPA and they can help you to make the right choice. PPA owns the Solar Power units and you use them.

They may charge you little or nothing at all depending on the reason why you are using the system. So what happens here is that you do not have to worry about anything. It’s a bit of your investment and the job is taken care of by professionals from PPA.

How Can PPA Help?

PPA provides you with an excellent opportunity to avoid long and hefty energy bills. You can enjoy your own electricity at minimum investment. All though there are some disadvantages of it but it does a lot more good than harm.

Solar Power Can Save Future

Solar Power Can Save Future

Solar Power is the answer to all energy problems people or nations will face in the near future. PPA firms allows common man to take full benefits of Solar Power system at a very feasible and economic range and people will surely be attracted to it. In times of recession many people find it hard to pay off for their long and rough energy bills. Solar Power is the answer




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