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Posted on 17 July 2011

Pacific Gas & Electric Company is one of the largest of suppliers of a combination of natural gas and electricity in California, United States. This firm is originally based in San Francisco. This company provides electricity to more than 15 million residents over an area of 80000 square Kilometers in Northern & Central California.

Pacific Gas & Electric Company facilitates roughly 9.6 million Electric and Natural Gas consuming customers and is responsible for their needs.

Shift To Solar Energy

However due to increased consumption of energy, a dire need is felt to shift to other modern and sophisticated sources of obtaining energy. Perhaps Solar Power is the answer.

Step towards A Green Future

In the modern world, development requires resources. One of the most significant aspects of the term resources is “Power”. Power can be in the form of labor or monetary assistance. To many this term may simply mean “Power to use”. By that I mean power resources which help us live our lives. Over time many people have become increasingly tired of receiving long and hefty power bills. These bills are extremely hard to pay back and cause many less earning families face problems. To avoid this hustle, simply what you have to do is shift to Solar Power.

What is Solar Power?

Solar Power is the energy obtained by Sun Light. Sunlight can be converted to electrical energy by the use of Photovoltaic Cells. For many people, these terms are extremely confusing and frustrating and some individuals just might cheat you under the pretext of providing you with better and cheaper shift to energy. I will define some of these terms to you beforehand.

Some Terms

Photovoltaic Cells: Also known as Solar Cells is a solid state device which directly converts the Sun Light into Electric Power through the Photovoltaic Cell.

Watt: Watt is an International Unit for measuring the consumption of Power in a certain time.

Kilo Watt: A Thousand Watts

Mega Watt: A Hundred Thousand Watts

Peak Hours: The time when Power consumption is the most.

Net Energy Metering: What remains after the deduction?

-Meet the Mother Of Complications

It is Complicated

These are some of the terms you very often come across while viewing your Electric Bill. After closely monitoring the Electricity bills of 2 of my close friends, I have come to the conclusion that Energy bills are really complicated for those with improper knowledge of these terminologies and they are very hard to pay back at certain times. Many people all over the world are living without the privilege of Electricity.

How Can Solar Power Help?

These people are deprived of perhaps the most basic commodity of life. In such times we are blessed to have access to Electricity plants which provide us Power to use. But would it not be better to shift to a much convenient and environment friendly power resource? Yes it would definitely be. By comparative analyses it is proven that people using PV Cells for generating power are much better than those depending upon local institutions as such PG & E Company.

First of all I will tell to you that if you plan to shift to Solar Power system, you will have to come into agreement with your Local Energy Provider. Like PG & E Company. They gave my friend a rate plan of E1 & E7.  If you choose E1 rate plan, the Company will provide them Power at the same rate and will credit them for every unit extra they produce and give the Company. You will be credited this way.

It Can Save You Money

It Can Save You Money

If you choose the E& package, the `Time You Use` (T.O.U) your energy will determine the bill you receive. That means the Company will charge you more during Peak time and less during Non-peak time. So logically, E7 Package, upon your choosing will require you to install a special meter which will cost you approximately $250 or more and will measure your Peak and Off-Peak hours separately.

The Peak Hours are from “12:00 A.M to 6:00 P.M”. This is the time when you will be earning the most of your money if you have the correct PV Unit installed! So my friends, before they got their Solar Panel Unit installed, received PG & E Company’s Energy Statement or more informally known as a Blue Bill.

They were charged for their Electricity consumption as well as their Gas consumption. These bills were quite pricy.

It Is Not Easy

These Power Companies have their rates very complicatedly planned. They are difficult to read and understand easily. If you have an interconnection with the Company for your Solar Panel then you may choose the E7 Package. It will definitely benefit you. But why so? Because the PG & E Company charges you 8.66 cents per kWh for Off-Peak Hours and 29.3 cents per kWh for Peak Hours.

That is a very large difference between the charges. Why should you suffer?  All you have to do is shift on your Solar System during the Peak Hours and you can literally save yourself a lot of money. As you begin to use more power your electricity bill will eventually rise and you have to pay more. But if you’re annual power consumption is lesser then what you produce by your Solar Power System, then you may claim your money all together at the end of the year.

Here Is How It Works

The Company (PG & E) expects you to use a predetermined amount of Power as a house. They will charge you for it. You may take it as an average. When you turn on other heavy equipment in your house like your Hot Tubs or Central Heating System or even your Central Cooling Systems you will be charged much more. This is known as the baseline. If you over use the estimated amount of Energy consumed by you determined by the Company, they will definitely charge you much more,

Know Your Liabilities Up-close!

These are some of the things a common person does not know nor he has knowledge about because he is too busy in his 9 – 5 schedule and works hard to strive for a living, paying of his children’s college bills and house hold necessities. Even simple things like the Rate Plans are not understandable by many people due to the already hectic schedule of their lives. In midst of much hip hop why not make it simple for just anybody to live of Solar Power? After all Fossil Fuels will finish one day eventually.

I suggest to you personally, that do not shift to modern ways of extracting power just to save money. Love mother Earth and do it for her. By doing so we will save the Earth for our own coming generations and contribute in establishing a better atmosphere. Not to mention we will save a lot as well.

Reduce Bills While You Can

Reduce Bills While You Can

If as a Power User you do not want to shift to Solar Power, then you may use better ways of reducing your Energy bills. The best way of significantly reducing your Energy bill is to involve you in a onetime major investment. What is it? Eager to know? It is as simple as that. Just get yourself Energy Savers. Research shows that Energy Savers cut down Electricity consumption by more than 60%.

My friends wanted to shift on it but they found it just as a short term solution to their problem. The truth is it can be very vital in solving you misery. Other simple ways of using lesser power is to just turn of any device when it is not in use. The “Vampires Light” is the Red colored light lit out when you’re Television or Sound System is set to stand by. This Standby mode is very costly to you.

Turn Off Appliances When Not Is Use

You may not be informed about it but it is almost 8% of the total energy consumption of that Equipment. So it is very advisable not to leave any of your appliances on Standby. By following some of these techniques you can save yourself a lot of money and a lot of effort. Just quit the tension of getting expensive price tags at your doorsteps every month.

Everything Is Upto You!

At last, all I would like to say is the choice is definitely yours! I am here to assist you. I’ve played my role and now it is time for you to step up and decide what to and what not to do. Ultimately, if you have Solar Power Cell’s installed on your rooftops, you will be glad you did so because it will help you in the long term. You can save money and use it for any other purpose.




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