How Many Solar Panels are Required for a Typical House?

The utilization of solar energy is not a whim any more. In fact, during the last decade, it has really proved to be a practical and cost effective source of energy production. One of the key benefits of using solar power is that once you recover your fixed investment, then you will get power almost free of cost

Cost Effective and Frequent Source of Power

solar panel requirement  for a home

Solar energy is derived from the sun and sun asks for no charges. If a solar system produces more power than the requirement; in that case, the power company can purchase the excess supply from you. Solar power is also not reliant on irregular provision of relic duels.

Helps in Environment Cleaning

Solar power is not only cost effective, but it is also hygienic and also maintains ecological balance. It facilitates in guarding the atmosphere by not discharging toxins in the air. It also does not harm the ozone layer. The solar energy systems are more durable and require very little maintenance.

The addition of solar panels can be made to any system as per the requirement.

Requirement of Solar Panels at Home

The solar panels can be of different wattage’s. Normally the 80 watt solar panel is used in home. It is, however, important to calculate how many 80 watt solar panels are required to fulfill the needs of house.

How to Calculate the Requirement?

solar panel requirement calculation for a home

In order to calculate the requirements of 80 watt solar panels for running a home, few simple computations are required prior to the purchasing of solar panels. Primarily, decide the quantity of electricity utilized on monthly basis to supply the power to home. The assessment of monthly power bills from the last couple of months will give a fairly good idea on the estimated quantity of utilized kilowatts per hour.

An Illustration

For instance, 500 kilowatts of power are utilized on monthly basis. There are around 1000 watts of electricity in 1 kilowatt. In order to estimate the watts utilized on monthly basis, multiply the quantity of kilo watts with 1000 watts. Hence, in this example, ballpark idea of consumption is 500,000 watts every month.

Now in order to determine the quantity of 80 watts solar panels required for the home, just divide the 500,000 watts by 80 watts. This will advise the estimated quantity of 80 watts solar panels required to run the house with the consumption of 500,000 watts monthly

500,000 watts/80 watts panels = 6250 solar panels

This computation demonstrates that 6250 solar panels of 80 watts each will supply ample solar energy for a home that makes utilization of 500 kilowatts of power on monthly basis. The produced solar electricity is stocked up in a battery cell that can be daily used.





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