Making Cheaper Solar Panels

Posted on 25 March 2011

Developing your own solar cells is not as much technical exercise as you think it to be. It is basically very easy procedure if you have an excellent information kit. You can easily conserve your money partially if not completely by switching over to solar energy if you receive enough sun rays on home. Further you can also conserve money if you construct your own solar panel instead of buying costly complete solar power system.

You need some essential parts which comprise of a board; a wooden board is best one, silicone caulk, some side panels, screws, solar cells, pane of glass and wires and the necessary tools.

The most expensive element of your listed constituents is solar cells. You can easily buy almost every thing of your needs except the solar cells. Various hardware stores near to you may have the solar cells too, but it would be least expensive to get the solar cells using internet.

The Solar Cells:

The first important step before you acquire the items listed, is to work out you power requirements. The experts advice to construct initially one solar panel and if after you enhance your abilities to work with, you can construct the additional panels.

Normally approximate 36 solar cells would be enough to generate 60 watts of electricity. But it varies from solar cells to solar cells depending on its labeled capacity. You need to work out the dimensions of your solar panel according to your power needs or the electric equipment you are going to use with.

The Construction Process:

In fact a solar panel is thin pack of solar cells to grip the all solar cells in one unit. The pack should not be more than ¾ inches or 2 cm and do not forget to keep holes for ventilation and for electric wirings. Tightly clip up all the cells in rows and columns and make electric circuits of the cells properly before lasting the pack of solar cells finally. The glass sheets play a protective role and it protects your solar cells from dust and water and extends life of your solar cells.

The step which may take much of your time would be soldering the solar cells to complete an electronic circuit. To integrate all the solar cells they need to be installed in a frame using screws and clips.  Before the glass is placed over the solar cells all the joints and connections must be rechecked and their functionality be verified. It is very essential to put a block diode on proper place in the circuit to prevent the panel to release electric charge at night. Situate your solar panel on such a place where it attracts good amount of sun rays to convert the rays into electric charge.

The Extra Power Your System Generates:

While you prepare and install your own solar panels, think about the usage of excess quantity of electricity generated by your power system. It is practical that the energy you generate may be left unused sometimes. In such a situation you may connect your solar power system to your local electricity network, which will absorb the extra capacity and gave electricity credits against the amount of absorb electricity.

The other option is that you can store your extra electric charge in heavy storage batteries and consume that electricity in the hours when there is no enough light to charge your solar cells.




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