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Complete Solar Panel Installation Guide

If you want to help the environment and lower spending on heavy electricity bills the solar panels are the right option for you. The use of solar panels is not only cheaper but also environment-friendly. Here is a complete guide for the installation of solar panels.

1. Fulfilling the Prerequisites

The first and far most thing to do before starting the installation of solar panels is to make sure that you have notified your local electricity provider. This is needed because they might send a technician to help you in the installation process. There are chances that they may also ask you to sell them some of the extra watts which your solar panel is generating.

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The second important thing is to acquire any special permit if you need one. Since every state has a different law and if by law you need any permit for the installation of any alternative source of energy, you should get the permit before you start the work. The regulations might ask for energy source audit, therefore to avoid troubles later on its better to complete the prerequisites in advance.

2. Select Right Tools and Gadgets

For the installation of solar panels you will need solar panels along with a couple of gadgets. Stainless steal leg bolts, three by eight (3/8) inch steel bolts, a stud finder solar panel mount, conduit, pilot drill bit and a drill, laser sight or a role of twine, and metal rails are the tools necessary for the installation of solar panels.

The mount should be selected in accordance of the type of panel you want to install. It is necessary that they should be appropriate for your roof and panels. Find the right roof beam with the help of stud finder, the roof beam will support the panels once they are installed.

3. Drilling and Attaching the Mount

The next step is to drill holes in your mount. Use pilot drill for making the holes. The use of pilot drill will ensure that you don’t damage your roof beam during drill. To be precise, mark the area with the help of laser sight or twine where you want to place the mount.

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Place the mount on the roof and drill it to secure it. Use leg bolts to tighten the mount to the roof. Make sure that there is enough space in each panel. Once the mounted is secured to the roof, attach the rail to the mount and fasten it with three by eight (3/8) bolts.

4. The Real Job

A protected and tightly placed mount will secure your panels. When you are sure that the mount is drilled to the roof and the railing is attached to it, place the panels into the railings. The panels should be well positioned into the rails. Attach the conduit to the panels and run them to the converter. The conduit should be safe from water and moisture. An unsafely placed conduit might create disruptions in performance.

5. Seek Advice from a Professional

The process of solar panel installation is not very hard. A person familiar with little plumbing and electronics can do the job. Still it is always helpful to seek the assistance of a professional. The professional will tell you where to place your panels for maximum output. A professional will help you by suggesting a system which will be according to your needs.




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