Which Direction Solar Water Heater Panels Should Face?

Posted on 06 March 2011


This depends upon where you live

If you are living in Texas area, you may not necessarily have to point your solar heater panel towards south because in this area it is sunny and hot all the year around. So if you are using the solar power as a source of energy for electricity generation it will be no problem.

solar power heater

Find About The Sun

On the other hand if you are living in an area where sun is not there all the time but only at noon then it will be a different scenario. If you are living in northern hemisphere then the sun will be in a southerly direction at its peak. In that case to get the maximum benefit out of your solar water heater you need to face its panel in the direction of sun i.e. south. This will enable your solar panel to receive the maximum amount of sunlight possible. This will enable you to not only run your machinery, but also will save power and money.

You Are The Best Judge

The real answer to your question is that you are in fact the best judge of the situation yourself. In order to get maximum benefit out of your solar panel you need to find that in which exact direction the sun will be at its peak, and how long will it remain in that particular direction.

Plan Ahead

You should find about all these things before you get your solar panel fixed or even before buying one. It will be no use buying or installing a solar panel in and area where it is snowing or raining most of the time




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