DC and AC Watts Differences

Posted on 25 February 2011

Many people have knowledge about the electricity and all use electricity in their houses, schools, offices etc. But all people don’t know about the direct current and the alternate current DC and AC respectively. They also don’t know what the sources of these AC and DC current are. One should have their knowledge which is beneficial for their own convenience. Solar panels also work on watts and store energy on their panels.

AC and DC Current

electrical generation

Electricity flows in two ways; either it will be the alternate current of the direct current. Electricity is just the flow of electrons, which moves along a conductor. The conductor may be wires etc. The difference between these two is the direction or flow of electrons is different in AC current and different in DC current. In DC current the electrons go in forward direction but in AC current the electrons go in forward direction and then come back in backward direction. The electricity in wall lights which are being used by us in houses is the AC current. AC current is in the light sockets which are being installed in houses, schools etc.

DC Watts

DC Watts can be quote in two ways. One is known as Standard Test Condition and it is very simple you just take the watt from the panel and multiply it with other panel .

Like if you have installed a two thirty watt panel then you have twenty three hundred watt of energy from it in Standard Test Condition. The other type is Performance Test Condition. In this the panel will be put outside to test condition and we have to see what it makes. Like a two hundred watt panel will produce one hundred and eighty watts. DC current is in batteries.

 AC and DC current

AC watts 

You can get the Ac watt by multiplying the Performance Test Condition Direct Current wattage by an inverter. The inverter will run at ninety five percent and the direct current rating will be multiplied by it and give a more efficiency.

Solar System in Watts

All the solar system which stores energy and can be use later stores the energy in watts. Like a three thousand watt will produce a three hundred watt. Watt and watt hours are different things. The house ,building ,schools, offices contains both of these direct and alternate current and some of the things work on direct current and other work on alternate current.




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