Solar Panel Wiring at Home

Use of solar panel is becoming popular nowadays. Solar panels use energy from the sun, and are clean and environment friendly means of harvesting solar energy. However, the price makes people reluctant from buying it. Now it is easy to make solar panels cheaply, by using simple tools. Before installation that “how to set them up” few things will be needed.

Things needed to build solar panels:

Solar Cells (also called PV cells)

These are arrays of photovoltaic cells which are in shape of thin silicon disks. They convert sunlight into electricity. They are assembled to make solar panel. They are usually connected in series. Mostly the life of solar cell is about thirty years.


The easiest place to buy solar cells is eBay. Search for good quality cells and enough cells for the number of panels to build. While buying solar cells make sure that the size and the energy output stay consistent, to run equal power through solar panels.

Plywood and UV Protector Varnish

Plywood is used to hold the solar cells. To protect plywood from moisture and weather it must be given coating of UV. This is important for a long life of solar panel.

Plexiglas glass

As solar cells are fragile they needed to be handled carefully. To protect the solar cells from the weather it is needed to a have Plexiglas front.

Soldering Gun and Copper wire

Soldering gun and wire are needed for connecting solar cells. Use enough copper wire so that the length of each cell row is equal for every panel. Using a pen type soldering gun is recommended to join solar cells as this makes application very easy.

soldering gun


Caulk is to fill the space inside the Plexiglas front and the wooden frame. This protects the solar panel from harsh winds or storms.

Power Inverter

The last panel is connected to the power inverter. Thick wire is used for this purpose as the amperage passing through these will be high. To convert energy from sun into the normal alternating current, power inverter is used.


These are used along power inverter to save energy during nights or on cloudy days.

Set up for solar cells

While soldering solar cells take care of it that there should be odd number of cells in one row. The row should be started and ended with the same polled solar cell. While attaching to copper wire be careful about the poll to the cell. If copper wire is attached to the front of solar cell then series will be started with a negative cell. So attach the positive cell on the back and end it with a negative.

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