Lease Solar Panels For Your Home on $0 Down Payment

Posted on 30 November 2010

Government and many large companies like Solar City are promoting the usage of solar energy. For this purpose an affordable unit is installed in buildings and homes. Solar City Company is offering leasing plans for the solar energy system. By using solar energy you can save your money as compared with using company electricity.

Solar energy systems with out initial deposits

There is no initial installing cost for solar energy system; you can select a leasing plan with out any down payment. It is the most affordable system for the use of electricity.

Cheap electric units of solar energy system

You can save a lot of money by using solar energy system. Its monthly installments are as low as your monthly electricity bills. It is most affordable system to generate electricity at home, using sunlight.

Save more money

Normally there is always an increase in utility bills each year. Electricity is increased by 5 percent each year. But if you are using a solar energy system, there is no worry of increase in bills.

Investment for future

If you purchase your solar energy system on cash payment, you can save your electricity bills amount and can invest in more opportunities. You will be mentally free of not paying any money for electricity.

Free monitoring and repairing by company

If you are on a lease plan, your solar energy system will be insured by the company and they will provide you free monitoring and repairing of your system. Large companies like Solar Guard and Solar City provides you continuous monitoring of your system to ensure that it is running smoothly and performing as expected. Expected life of solar panels is 30 yeas. You can enjoy your investment till 30 years.

Guarantee of solar energy system

Large companies like Solar City is providing you the guarantee of your system that it will work as according to their commitment or they will return your money back to you.

Packages in different states

In some states and utility districts of America, Solar City financing plan is called Pure Power. Financing plan is different in different areas. You can search the website of Solar City to find out the finance plan in your area. For better financing plan, you need to have an excellent credit score.




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