Solar Water Heater

Posted on 09 July 2010

Solar water heaters are devices that work exactly like regular water heaters, with just the difference of being operated through solar energy. They are much more convenient and more compact than regular water heaters. Solar panels are installed on the roof of the house, from which solar energy is converted into electrical energy that is stored in special batteries and used to heat up the water device. Some also offer the option of placing a water tank on the roof to minimize the energy loss.

As it is with every other solar energy advantages, there would be no cost at a later stage and therefore no regular buildup of energy bills. However, there is the initial cost of getting the water heater system. The prices of solar heaters are expensive, as they are still in the initial phase and it will take time before it goes mainstream.

The installation of solar panels also cost an amount especially if you happen to live in a not so sunny area, then extra effort has to be made.

Though there is also no environment issues with the use of solar water heaters, there is a problem of getting it fully functional for specific environments. If you live in a snowy and rainy environment, then it becomes very difficult to generate that much amount of heat for the process. Extra installations, extra panels and stronger systems are needed. To remove snow, solar heating strips are also needed to be used. In this way an entire solar system is installed which is extremely costly and could put off people who are not able to afford that much.

If you want to install water heaters at an affordable price then install small systems before you go fully functional on a large water heating system. Instead of having hot water for the entire household focus on one area first, then gradually increase the solar panels. A common rule of thumb is one gallon of water storage for every square foot of collector area works best. The path between the water heater and the collectors should not be less than 40sq feet distant.

Though it may be costly initially, it is a lifetime investment, where you don’t have to worry about paying high cost bills on electric and gas. Besides that there is no fear of accidents, short circuits, smoke or any other such issue as with gas or electric systems.




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