Significance Of Solar Energy

Posted on 17 January 2010

Solar energy is essential for our survival.It’s benefits are so many in numbers, such as it helps us in warming us and also benefit for other living things in the world.But its use in the commercial power production also.Solar power is also important for the plant life. because it is necessary for photosynthesis, (photo- mean light,synthesis- mean putting together) the process in which energy of sunlight is used by green plants to build up complex substances from carbon-dioxide and water.

solar energy importance

Through this process food is produced for other living things it produces an oxygen for our survival for breathing and remove carbon-dioxide from the atmosphere.And we get clean and clear environment.Beside of all these advantages it also maintain balanced a world temperature entirely.There are many kinds of solar energy,such as hybrid solar lighting,which is used inside for our facilitation.

This is commonly used to provide light inside the buildings. You will come into conclusion that the individual solar lights will sleep in the sun throughout a day and will light at night to shine up a walkways and garden.A huge majority of the people don’t realize that solar power is also used in cooking.There are various kitchen appliances which are made-up of solar energy system.Now a days they are becoming popular.Solar power is also used in greenhouses.Sun heat is very essential for the life of green plants.


Greenhouses also benefited from sunlight,especially in winter season,because of the extreme cold,those area’s where winter is in higher level.Solar energy is also help in the generating of wind currents.Which also help in the spreading of spores and gametes in plants and fungi,to allow to transmit in vast area.Herbivorous (feeding a plants) or omnivorous (feeding plants and flesh both) also need solar energy for their growth.

Solar energy help them to provide vitamin like B-12, with the help of this vitamin living things have become energetic and agile and it helps in many process to be evokes specific functional reaction in organs or tissue. Solar energy also affect our daily feeling,inclination or disinclination in our mood or in our feeling.Our bodies adapt throughout the different season’s according to the sunlight changes.

For example, during the hot summer months cooling a home is so important for all the people,so in this situation use of air-conditioner is more,so because of this reason, electricity demand goes to higher and higher,this kind of energy production is become less against the higher demand.So there is a huge gap in the supply and demand,this gap is filled by the solar energy system.

In the winter season people could easily rely on the sun’s warmth to heat up a room during the earlier hours of the day and close the window’s blinds,before dusk in order to capture the remaining heat.people ate excited in sun heat and depressed or lazy in winter season.This kind of affection not only exist in people but in animals also.Solar energy is also involved in the generation of oceanic waves and currents.

Waves are caused by the wind blowing over the surface of the earth.In many area’s of the world,the wind blows with enough consistency and force to provide continuous waves.There is a tremendous energy in the ocean waves.It also regulate (adapt to the requirements) to salt/fresh water mix through the melting and refreezing of the polar ice caps.The solar energy also melt the ice which makes a fresh water for those area’s such as Ecosystem (system of interacting organism particular habitat) which depend upon on this fresh water for their survival.


In the last,Solar energy also useful for the commercial purposes.Which help to provide alternative,people now realize from the advantages of solar energy,they used many solar energy home appliances.These appliances are run with help of sun heat.And there are many industries get into this field to make different kinds appliances of solar energy so that people get benefited from these wonderful natural source.

Power source through the usage of PV cells for harvesting direct energy from the sun heat through the wind.hydro power,both these get production from the solar energy generated. Many people have benefited from renewable energy in various ways.People now have less dependent on electricity and avail of the use of the renewable energy of sunlight it reduces the energy consumption in many countries like Germany and most of the Europe.

Solar energy provide clean and clear environment for all the living things in the entire world.One the most well developed methods of becoming energy efficient is through the use of renewable energies such as,outdoor solar lights.Almost everyone can use it to reduce their traditional energy consumption.

This point must need special attention that,oil reserves are increasingly reducing each year,it is very important for the countries to take serious and concrete step in this regard,to use alternative renewable energy so that,we could fill the energy shortfall.And there is equilibrium in supply and demand.




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