Ford Wixom Assembly Plant Will Turn Into Renewable Energy Park

Posted on 15 September 2009

Ford’s forsook plant in Wixom, Michigan, is seeking a new lease on life. The manufacturing plant primitively opened way back in 1957 during the glory days of the American automotive industry. It covers a 320 acres (4.7 million sq-ft). By the fall of 2011, the Wixom plant will not truly have a lot to do with cars, turning into rather the largest renewable energy park in the America.


Two parties program to put 725 million USD to restore the former Ford factory. Clairvoyant Energy of Santa Barbara, California will move its HQ and produce solar panels in Wixom. Xtreme Power of Austin, Texas programs to construct mass batteries to storage power for the electric grid and from wind parks.

More than 4,000 fresh jobs in Michigan are expected. This promise was adequate to earn a series of big tax benefits from the State Department and millions of dollars worth of grants from the federal government. For its part, Ford looks quite delighted with the direction its stagnated plant will get.




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