Bio Fuels – Are They Good?

As it is suggested by the term, bio-fuels are fuels that are formed by the decomposition of biological matter.

Mostly the bio-fuels are derived from plants and they exist in all the three states of matter:solid, liquid, and gas.

Differences Between Bio-Fuels and Fossil Fuels

The differences between bio-fuels and fossil fuels are:

  • Million years are required for fossil fuels to build whereas bio-fuels can be made extremely fast. They take just few days to build.
  • Huge amounts of pollution are generated by fossil fuels. As compared to bio-fuels fossil fuels are comparatively safer.
  • Unlike fossil fuels bio-fuels are renewable sources of energy.


Different Types of Bio-fuels

There are four types of bio-fuels:

First Generation Bio-Fuels

The source from where the first generation bio-fuels are derived are vegetable fats, starch, and sugar. They are also derived from food-crops. The first generation fuels are also derived from animal fats. Some examples of this type of bio-fuels are Biogas, bio-diesel, and vegetable oil.

Second Generation Bio-Fuels

The source from where the second generation bio-fuels are derived are waste biomass, thus this thing makes it a more balanced option as compared to the first-generation bio-fuels. The examples of second generation bio-fuels are different kinds of alcohols and diesel generated from wood.

Third Generation Bio-Fuels

The source from where the third generation bio-fuels are derived are algae. On large scales algae are farmed for creating these bio-fuels. As the algae fuels can easily decompose into the soil without harming it for this reason they are extremely environment-friendly.

Fourth Generation Bio-Fuels

To derive the bio-fuels in the fourth generation a method is used in which micro-organisms are raised to work with carbon dioxide for the purpose of generating fuel.

biofuels chart

Advantages of Bio-Fuels

Following are the advantages of bio-fuels:

  • Bio-fuels have helped in decreasing the burden on gradually-eliminating fossil fuels.
  • Bio-fuels are environment-friendly. They are helpful in reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere.
  • It has been proven by bio-fuels, especially, bio-diesel that they are very cost-effective for consumers.

Disadvantages of Bio-Fuels

Bio-fuels have many advantages but it does not mean that they are bereft of criticism. Although they are beneficial for the environment, but then also bio-fuels have its disadvantages, paradoxically in the environmental purview. There are many reasons due to which bio-fuels have received criticism. Below we have stated a couple of them:

  • When compared to the lack of food caused by the bio-fuels, economists have long debated on the usefulness of first generation bio-fuels. When the fuels are generated from food crops it makes food crops unworthy of human consumption. It is believe by some people that being as food is given higher priority than fuel, food should not be farmed for making fuels but rather they should farmed for human consumption.
  • Acres of farming land are required to make bio-fuels, thus encroaching upon the natural habitat of plants and animals.




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