How to Generate Your Own Electricity with Solar Panels

Posted on 04 May 2009

In many parts of the world the solar panels are very expensive. Popular will is also not available everywhere and where it is available, its very time consuming and complex process to start your own Solar Electricity Project.

If you are planning to buy it then you have to have lots of money. Online shopping can be done to buy solar panels but if you search for its price, they are available in hundreds of dollars. You can buy 100 cells for $400 USD and they produce almost 1.98 watt of electricity. Isn’t it an expensive deal?

But if you are determined about your Solar Electricity project then you should use this guide to help you in building heat, rain and hail resistant solar panels that will last for years.

Step 1; ResearchCheap Solar Cells

Search on the net or go in the markets in search of second hand solar panels. You can get some good deals on the net which could make you to buy slightly damaged solar panels. Don’t forget to check their capacity of producing electricity.

Step 2; Building the Panelsthe 620 cells

You make repair those damaged cells by soldering technique. With this soldering technique you can seal them to prevent them from air and water damages. You can do this experiment on small scale. Try to build a panel consisting of 12 or 18 cells. Double glass sheet will give you water and air resistant solar panels. Don’t forget to calculate the amount of electricity produced from these cells by the help of volt or ampere meter. Your glass sheet will reflect back some sunlight which will affect the efficiency of your solar panel. But it’s just the 10%of the light which is reflected back in the atmosphere if you are using 4mm glass. The cost of this sheet is negligible as compared to the solar cell. In summers, your panel will produce more electricity as compared to winter. You can have the glass sheet where someone is renovating his old house. This will cost you nothing and compare it with the very expensive material of that ready made solar panel which is available in the market.

Step 3; Solar Panel DeploymentDIY solar panel project

Another point which should be kept in mind while joining the two plates is the distance between them. If the distance between your two glass plates is bit larger then the heat due to sunlight in the front will cause different expansion from backside. This may lead to the leakage and your panel will no linger be water resistant. Try to make the distance small. You can do it by keeping the panel small. By decreasing the distance between two plates the heat of sun will more or less equally be distributed between two sides.improved panel

Solar cell is actual thing which converts sunlight into electricity. Solar panels are just arrays of the fragile solar cells. The actual task is just creating an assembly of solar cells which can produce electricity. It sounds very easy and it actually is. The real challenge lies in the effort of joining the solar cell. You can find the related information and do’s and don’ts on the internet.




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