Breaking News: Aero EV runs 320 km per charge, Recharges in 10 Minute

Posted on 24 January 2009


Shelby Super Cars revealed Aero that runs on electric powered motors and produce 1200 hp. The car was unveiled at auto show in Abu Dhabi. Shelby presented this car called Aero as an Ultimate Super Car. This latest version of car runs with and electric motor and produces and astonishing 1200 Horse Power. The car is expected to be available for delivery  by second half of 2009.

Shelby prepares electric power of 1200 hp

Ultimate Aero EV 110 В to be exact. According to its developers, Ultimate Aero EV cars use lithium-ion batteries that can be charged from an external power source with variable voltage of 110 V.

Amazing thing is that a full charge takes no more than 10 minutes. This car is a special configuration of original Aero EV series and it is fitted with with two engines that enable it to rev at 1200 HP. Shelby the developer company of this car has revealed that this car is so energy efficient that it can travel up to 320 km on a single charge.

If a company is true in its claims the this is really a good news and start of a new era in energy efficient vehicles. 320 km on single charge and a re-charge only takes 10 minutes!!!  read this again.. this has a potential to change the who auto industry.


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3 Responses to “Breaking News: Aero EV runs 320 km per charge, Recharges in 10 Minute”

  1. GoatGuy says:

    Bullsheets, folks.

    No car yet has broken the 1 megajoule per mile energy factor. 320 km is 200 miles. 200 megajoules. If we’re trying to charge up a battery that hold 200 megajoules (watt-seconds) from a 110 volt supply in 10 minutes (600 seconds) that would be

    200,000,000 / 600 = 333,000 joules/second, or 330 KILOWATTS or 3,000 AMPS! at 110 volts.

    Give it a break. NO ONE’s house has a 3,000 amp (or if you prefer, a 1,500 amp circuit at 240V) circuit. Shoot. Even the pole transformers aren’t rated higher than 500 amps at 240 volts. TOPS.

    Such bullsheet is just hard to fathom.


  2. Sarah Shaw says:

    Chill GoatGuy!

    You might be I-Know-It-All but just look at the source of this news and I also confirmed it from Dubai Auto people.

    Despite your bla bla and bull sheet call, It is true.

  3. David Woodward says:

    Obviously, Ms. Shaw, you are completely unfit for journalism if you take people’s word for fact. Journalists are supposed to know a bit about the subject they are writing about or at least do some research. I have done extensive research in my plans to build a nationwide chain of electric recharging stations based on rapid recharge battery systems and GoatGuy’s numbers are not far off the mark. Most industrial rapid recharge units are 3-phase 480 volt 600 amp services, which equates to 288kW. This would require direct access to a megawatt substation since the 288kW is for one “pump” only. Next time do your homework, please. There is too much poor journalism in the EV community that it just makes us EVers look bad. People will start grouping us with the perpetual motion people.

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