meygen tidal power

Tidal Power Project

MeyGen is used to define the project which is in work progress for quite a time now. It is being tested and retested as to assure the working safety and to know about  any flaws if any still exist. It focuses on the use of renewable energy source of tides for the generation of electricity. The rough prediction is that it will be able to deliver energy in 2016. It is a two phase project. After the success of first phase which is small as compare with the the second one, the final phase will be developed and worked on. Continue reading


Why to consider wind for energy production ?  

Moving air in the atmosphere is defined as “wind”. Wind is present all around the earth it can not be seen but is felt. With the speed and velocity wind varies in many forms. Wind is being used as source of energy throughout the world. It is becoming popular day by day as an alternate source of  energy production.

Environment Friendly

Wind is itself part of nature so it won’t be destructive to the natural environment. It is pollution free, generating energy from it does not leave  behind any harmful by products. Another point which make it worth using is that it will never be depleted. There is no alarming situation about it that it will be exhausted in near future. It does not harm the nature’s balance of atmosphere. It is like passing it through the process of production and then output is the same as that of input. Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Gallium Arsenide Solar Cells

Gallium arsenide solar cells are marked by high efficiency and high price. Due to these reasons, they have found most of their applications where such a high efficiency is required and the budget of the project allows their use.

Aerospace industry is the most important industry where these cells are being used extensively.

Efficiency of Gallium Arsenide Solar cells

These cells have efficiency as high as 29% during laboratory testing. But, since the conditions are different in real world, their efficiency drops somewhat but they can still show an efficiency of 20%. The greater efficiency in laboratory is mainly because a concentrated light source is used to calculate the efficiency there.

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Advantages of Poly Crystalline Solar Cells

Polycrystalline solar cells are a cheaper alternative to mono crystalline solar cells. Although, they are less efficient but their cost can counterbalance this loss in efficiency. Mono crystalline solar cells are expensive due to the costly processes involved in obtaining single crystal silicon.

Poly crystalline versus thin film solar cells

Polycrystalline solar cells are first generation silicon based solar cells. The thin film solar cells, previously used, are second generation solar cells. They are more expensive and more efficient than second generation thin film cells.

Polycrystalline versus mono crystalline solar cells

Cylindrical ingots of silicon are used in the formation of mono crystalline process. But a large number of processes are involved in converting it into the final desired form. In polycrystalline solar cells large square blocks of silicon are used.

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Energy-Efficient Solar Pool Covers

‘What is a solar pool cover and why is it used?’ Well, you are going to get your answers once you read through. The largest energy loss from a pool occurs due to evaporation due to which the pool water cools down and heat energy is lost to the surroundings.

Pool covers are used to prevent or minimize evaporation and thus there is lesser energy loss. However, solar pool cover not only serves this purpose but also transfers heat energy from sun to the pool water.

Structure Of Solar Pool Cover

A solar pool cover is made up of synthetic polyethylene and is of dark colors for better conduction of heat. Solar pool cover bears small air pockets on its surface which look identical to bubble wraps. Each of these bubbles absorbs heat from the sun and transfers it to the pool water rather than losing to the surroundings.

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Quantum Dot or Nano Crystalline Solar Cells

Quantum dot solar cells are basically nano crystalline cells. These cells used a thin layer of nano materials over the substrate. The substrate is usually made of silicon.

Efficiency of Quantum dot Solar cells

These cells are much more efficient than any other kind of cells. They can produce enormous energy from just a single photon of light. Photons are the packets of light. They can be considered as building blocks just like atom is the building block of matter.

Prediction of National Renewable energy laboratory 2005

In 2005 researchers and scientists predicted about the extra ordinary capabilities of this emerging technology. They also claimed to be able to achieve an efficiency of 65% with quantum dot or nano crystalline solar cells.

Formation of Nano crystalline or Quantum dot Solar cells

The formation of these solar cells includes following steps.

  • A silicon substrate is required first of all.
  • The silicon substrate can be obtained in any way through ingots or something else.
  • The cells are not totally made of nano material.
  • A thin coating of nano material has to be done over the substrate.

Spin coating

Recently, new and more advanced methods of developing nano crystalline or quantum dot solar cells have been established. Spin coating is the most important among these.

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Thermosiphon Solar Water Heating System

Thermosiphon systems work on convective mode of heat transfer. The heating of water on large scale is the need of domestic as well as many industrial users. Different kinds of geyser and other devices are available in the market to accomplish this purpose. They use different kinds of energies like electrical, mechanical, chemical etc. and convert it in to thermal energy.

With the evolution of the concept of renewable energy and the development in solar technology, thermosiphon solar geysers are becoming common.

Modes of heat transfer

Generally, there are three modes of heat transfer.

  • Conduction
  • Convection
  • Radiation

 Conduction takes place in metals and convection is the phenomenon occurring in fluids. Radiation has something to do with heat transfer through waves. This is the way through which heat of the sun reaches the earth.

Convection in thermosiphon systems

The main working principle of a thermosiphon water heating system is convection. Convection is responsible for uniformly heating any liquid. Here the fluid of our interest is water.

 As you know, fluid when heated rises up. The same thing happens in thermosiphon water heating systems. Hot water rises up and the cold water comes down. In this way the whole water is heated uniformly.

The top layers of hot water are then passed to the places where they are desired to be used. The lower colder layers are further heated.

Gravity in thermosiphon systems

Gravity is the second most important factor that plays a vital role in the functioning of a thermosiphon solar water heating system.

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Mono Crystalline Solar Cells

Mono crystalline solar cells are the earliest form of solar cells. With the growing demand of energy in the world, the concept of renewable energy has attracted the attention of not only the scientists and researchers but also the consumers and common people.

How are mono crystalline solar cells formed?

There are several steps involved in their production and formation. But the basic outline of the procedure involves the following steps.

  • Cylindrical ingots of silicon are used for the preparation of these solar cells.
  • Ingots are long rectangular or oblong blocks of silicon.
  • Thin wafers are cut out of these oblong blocks of silicon.
  • The process of sawing is used the most frequently for cutting of the wafers.
  • Great care has to be taken since the wafers are extremely thin and the dimensions have to be very accurate.
  • Another important thing which is required is a rigid glass substrate.
  • The wafers of silicon are then deposited on the glass substrate.

Appearance of Mono crystalline Solar cells

These cells appear to be polka dotted. They have gaps at all corners of the cell this shape gives them a unique appearance. Among all kinds of solar cells, these cells are the most easy to recognize.

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Gas Hybrid Cars: Relief To Your Pocket And Environment

Hybrid gas cars are combo of two great sources of power ‘electric motor’ and ‘gasoline combustion engine’ – although working of this combo varies. As people are diverting towards greener vehicles, Hybrid Gas cars are becoming more and more popular as an alternative to general cars and vehicles.

Hybrid cars are a good choice but before you go and buy yourself a hybrid car, you should ask yourself a question

“Exactly What Do I Want From A Hybrid Gas Car?”

No! it’s not like they are not good or whatever but the matter is you certainly want a car that suits your lifestyle! Hybrid Gas cars are competent with general cars when it comes to performance handling and acceleration – which is a good-to-know thing(provided you don’t have to compare it with a Lamborghini Gallardo).

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Dawn of Alternative Energy Resources

May it be in movies, but human intelligence has amazed the aliens too. Humans have demonstrated immense intelligence with their methods of survival. But now this survival depending upon the consumption of energy provided by the earthly sources is endangered. This is due to the exhaustion of energy resources.

In the past few years, human intelligence has worked hard enough in discovering and exploiting new and renewable alternative energy resources. These alternative energy resources include wind, ethanol, and biodiesel etcetera.

Before The Advent of Alternative Energy

To be clear, until a few years back, the matter of finding alternative energy resources was not on anyone’s top priority list. People were not concerned with what effects their oil/gas consumption was having on the earth’s resources. They were in their comfort zones with comfortable cash to run their engines. The government continued to make long term investments in the petroleum/gasoline sector as it seemed like the only worthy-of-payment article.

Dawn of Alternative Energy Resources

Just when all seemed well and smooth, oil and gas prices started to rise. This rise did not stick to a level but continued its climb till the unaware minds grabbed some sense out of it. The governments began to realize the urgency of the not-so-never-ending oil resources.

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